Milk Makeup Flex concealer review

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Sometimes you just forget you own a product. Or am I the only person that happens to? In any case, that is exactly what happened with this one. I put it in my collection, but never selected it for a shop my stash. And I don’t count trying something out just once as enough times to review a product. So this month I made a point of selecting some products I had been meaning to try for a while. First up? Milk Makeup’s Flex concealer. I bought this about a year ago (!!) because I was playing around with the idea of doing a full face of Milk Makup which I then decided not to do. But I still have a few products I wanted to try out and so we are reviewing this concealer today.

Review: Milk Makup Flex concealer in Fair

One thing I love about this concealer: it comes in 22 shades. That is a lot for a concealer. It isn’t cheap though. It retails for €28 which is quite steep for a concealer. I mean some of my favorite concealers are €5 or less, so this is nearly 6x more expensive. Will it wow me? I got mine through Sephora France, I believe it is the only place that readily sells Milk Makeup on mainland Europe if you don’t have a Sephora in your country.

What does this concealer have to offer?

Let’s get stuck in: this concealer promises to be a medium to full coverage concealer that should be able to cover anything. From dark circles to blemishes and scarring. It shouldn’t look cakey or creasy as it contains ingredients that should help against that. This product should be able to move like your face while still be hydrating, soothing and not aggrevate your skin. It comes in skinny packaging with a doe foot and contains just under 6 mls of product. That is a decent amount for a concealer and if this is good enough at covering things up, you will only need a little bit at a time and so the price point may be worth it in the end.

How does the concealer perform?

One thing I always look for with concealer is shade match and whether it creases. By now, I prefer a concealer closer to my skin tone, so nothing too light. This shade is spot on and literally disappears against my skin. The doe foot is a bit on the small side, but it works well enough. All in all, the smalle applicator means you have more control over how much product you apply. With this, a little indeed goes a long way: I only need a few dots around my face to add the coverage I like. It works well under as well as over foundation and I have even worn this by itself for a day as it was just too hot for foundation.

How does this concealer swatch?

So this concealer is a great one as it is versatile and can be use around the face. Some concealers only work on the face or on the under eye, but this is a true multitasker. The shade I got also works well everywhere. It is light enough to go on the under eye without making it look too light and the shade is deep enough to blend seamlessly into my foundation. As you can see here, this has pretty good coverage too and with something a bit more heavy duty like this, I just use a little bit less and that way I can still make it work.

How does this concealer apply?

One thing that stands out to me about this concealer is the formula. It feels creamy and is easy to blend it isn’t heavy at all. Even on a hot summer day, this stayed put and it didn’t make my mascara transfer. I like quite a creamy, emolient concealer most days as it works best on my dry under eyes, but this is the best of both worlds. This is a heavy duty concealer but it doesn’t feel heavy. It definitely feels like second skin and doesn’t budge. It is therefore longwearing and a great concealer. Is it worth the price point? I am not yet fully sold on that, but this is by far one of the best more high end concealers I have tried in a long time.

My final thoughts

The Milk Makeup Flex concealer in Fair is a product that is better than I had expected. Many raved about concealers usually are far too heavy on my skin. While they give the coverage you need, they are usually too cakey and accentuate everything. This one does not. It also doesn’t budget. I do only need a little bit at a time though and that mans that for how expensive this is, this will last a long time. I would recommend against slathering this on like you see people do: just use a few dots and you should be fine.

Would I recommend the Milk Makeup Flex concealer?

This is a good concealer for sure, but I will repeat again here how I feel there are many great concealers on the market that cost far less than this. So if I would ever repurchase this? I don’t think so. Maybe as time goes on and I truly try to commit to using this up, I may feel this is a must have in my collection. That said, I also bought some K-beauty concealers more recently and those are far cheaper and seem to have a similar performance.

What is your favorite concealer that doesn’t budge?
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