Make Up Revolution Mini Tasty Avocado eyeshadow palette review

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As part of eyeshadow palette month I decided I could see what single palette reviews I could still write. These are the lost souls of my makeup reviews: things I never reviewed in 10 palette review videos, but also never got around to writing up by itself. Now I only have a few things left, I figured I could make a dent in these palette reviews and write some of my last dedicated single review videos. In case you’re wondering whether that means I will stop writing eyeshadow palette reviews? Nope that is not the case, but I figured that if I already give all my thoughts in a video that I wouldn’t have to double it up. So palettes are now reviewed solely in video format but I will still be using the blog as a photodump place so you can easily find swatches and close up pictures of the product and looks I did with them. I just won’t be writing a story with them. Hope that clears things up. One review I still have to do is for the I Heart Revolution Mini Tasty Avocado eyeshadow palettes, so let’s get reviewing!

Review: I Heart Revolution Mini Tasty Avocado eyeshadow palette

Better late than never and all that: this review is very late to the party. It’s one of those things that nearly slipped through the cracks. In fact, I already decluttered this palette ages ago but since it is one of the better Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palettes I have tried, I figured I could still write the review. At just €7 a pop these mini palettes from the larger palettes I Heart Revolution offers I think were a clever move. They have some decent quality and the color stories are also quite fun. Especially in this one! Now I am seeing the pictures I took of the eye look I kind of wished I had kept this around. But I have to make choices!

What does this palette have to offer?

Well what’s in a name: the Mini Tasty Avocado. Yup it’s a green palette which should be a smaller version of the full sized Tasty Avocado eyeshadow palette the brand already offered. I got this right around the time that Make Up Revolution started doing more of these smaller versions and I loved them quite a bit. Make Up Revolution (and any of their sub brands) are quite affordable and they do decent enough eyeshadow for the price point. I ended up decluttering mine as it just isn’t my favorite affordable eyeshadow formula but they do lots of colors stories. So if you are strapped for cash, want some new makeup but green isn’t your thing, then definitely check them out because they do some nice things. And this is one of the better palettes they ever had on offer.

What is the color story like?

One thing I found very satisfying with this mini 8-pan palette was the shade selection. We get 5 shimmers and 3 mattes. The mattes could perhaps have gone a little bit deeper and more varied, but we get a good variety in the shimmer shades. Most of the greens lean more murky grey toned towards the cooler end of a green rather than the more olive saturated warm toned end of the green toned spectrum. There are some bright options as well which makes for a bit of vibrancy that some other green palettes might lack. All in all, a pretty little palette that is compact and easy to use.

How does this palette swatch?

Unfortunately the mattes aren’t super pigmented. They are workable as they can be built up but you can see here that the deepest matte has a bit of trouble in a finger swatch. The shimmers all go on well in one swipe, but there is little to no variety in the texture. This makes the palette a little bit less exciting and less unique than it could have been. While it has good longevity, by now I have other green toned palettes in my collection that I like better than this, some of them (looking at you Essence Dancing Green!) even more affordable than this is.

My final thoughts

The Make Up Revolution or I Heart Revolution Mini Tasty Avocado palette really isn’t a bad palette. As you can see in these pictures of the look I did with it, the shadows are easy to blend, work very well and you get a lovely green eye look when using these shades. It just got a little bit behind on the times. I feel there are other, better green palettes on the market (check out Glamshop!) that are still affordable and as much fun to use. I wish this had a bit more variety in depth and shimmer formulations and then this would have stood the test of time, but alas due to these shortcomings I felt it wasn’t a standout palette in my makeup collection and therefore I decluttered it.

Would I recommend the I Heart Makeup Mini Tasty Avocado?

I think this is a great little palette for people who want to try green tones, but just don’t have the budget to be trying out loads. The Make Up Revolution formula isn’t the best ever, but they are workable shadows and work very well for the price point you pay. If greens aren’t your everyday shade you may go with something like this. Personally I prefer the newer Essence Dancing Green palette as it more murky and more cool toned than this is (and it is cheaper!).

What is an eyeshadow palette that you feel didn’t stand the test of time?
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