Rimmel Kind & Free foundation review

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It was about time! To try some new drugstore foundations that is. I had not tried that many new foundations at a more affordable price point in recent times, save for some Essence and Catrice ones. So when I put together my top 10 favorite drugstore foundations, I felt a bit left out. So I decided to have a gander, bought a few new foundations to try and those I will be reviewing for you in the coming months. First up in my drugstore foundation reviews: Rimmel’s Kind & Free Skin Tint foundation in Rose Ivory.

Review: Rimmel Kind & Free Moisturizing Skin Tint foundation in 10 Rose Ivory

I was instantly intrigued when I spotted this online. For a few reasons: 1.) I haven’t heard or seen anyone talking about this. 2.) It says it’s a skin tint. 3.) It is one of the more affordable options I am trying out. A few things you should know: it’s available in 10 shades, comes with a standard fluid ounce of product and retails for around €10 if you buy smart. It can be more expensive than this, but I got mine for around €9.50, which I think is a great price point for a drugstore foundation.

What does this foundation have to offer?

According to Rimmel this is a moisturizing skin tint foundation. Now a skin tint and a foundation aren’t exactly the same thing and most products on the market that are now called skin tints, are in fact no more than lightweight foundations. It really reminds me of the BB Cream hype where you really didn’t know what a true BB cream was until you tried a K-beauty one. I feel similarly with this foundation and its skin tint claims. Yes it is light weight, but this does a bit more than just tinting your skin. It’s quite a creamy formula, but you only need a little bit and it works very well.

What does this product swatch like?

Now I bought this in what seems to be the lightest shade available: Rose Ivory. As you can see from a swatch on the back of my hand, this is far too yellow (especially for a shade called Rose Ivory) and it is also a bit too dark. But it is mainly the strong yellow undertone that makes it clash with my skin tone. In terms of texture this looks very pretty though: it has a bit of glow and it really looks very natural on the skin. I was very impressed with how this feels as well: it feels more like skincare than a makeup product.

What is the shade match like?

Apologies for the blurry picture but my camera just wanted to focus on my dress the day I took these pictures. But despite the out of focus picture, you can still clearly see where this foundation ends. Now whenever I take these pictures I make sure not to blend the foundation down the neck to really show the contrast (if there is any), and I find that while this is too yellow, I do feel it can work provided I blend it out more than I did here and add a bit of bronzer.

What is the coverage like?

Because even though the shade is just a bit off, I still feel this is a very pretty product on me! Look at that effect. I think the name skin tint is a bit of a misnomer but still: this evens out my redness, yet it looks great and best of all: it stays all day. I tried this out during some warm summer days and where most dewy, lightweight foundations can crease or smear a bit, this stayed put very well indeed. I did get a bit shiny throughout the day but I felt this didn’t oxidize all that much and it stayed looking and feeling fresh even if I was sweating quite a bit.

My final thoughts

My drugstore foundation tryout is kicking things off with a bang! This Rimmel Kind & Free foundation is a lovely one. It should just come in about many more shades so more people will be able to enjoy this. Ten shades in 2022 isn’t exactly where we are at anymore, but I think this makes for a lovely effect on the skin. It sits well, performs well and once all of my makeup is done, it hardly shows up too dark at all. The added bonus is the moisturizer like texture that feels weightless and skinlike. I just don’t think this is a skin tint per se, but a good lightweight foundation that it is for sure!

Would I recommend the Rimmel Kind & Free foundation?

This one surprised me in a good way! This is an excellent pick for a lightweight, moisturizing, dewy perfect-for-everyday foundation. It does exactly what I need it to do and if you can find your shade match in this range it is definitely worth it. It’s been a while since I tried such a great product at such an affordable price point.

What is your favorite drugstore foundation?
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