Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Melting Balm review

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So a brand I really wanted to try more by was Giorgio Armani. Their foundations are raved about (and spoiler alert: I love them) but I didn’t hear much about any other products from the line. But then I spotted this product in store: The Neo Nude Melting Balm. The product says this can be used for eyes and cheeks, but in the store I bought mine this is listed as a lip product. I decided to use mine more as a blush, but now that I have used it and put it to the test I can see how this can be a lovely multi-purpose product that can be used whichever way you see fit. Let’s get stuck in.

Review: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude blush review in 50 Cool Mauve

The Giorgio Armani brand is definitely a luxury brand. It is sold quite widely though and the price point is along the lines of Dior and Chanel and similarly priced luxury makeup brand. This particular multi-use product retails for €40 for 3.5 grams of product. That isn’t a whole lot, even for a cream blush, so it really depends on how much you will use this how quickly you go through this. It is a stunning product though and overall I love the experience I am having using this. But as I always do when reviewing more expensive products, the real question is: is it worth the price point?

What does this product have to offer?

So when I bought this I thought this would be a blush only, but the texture definitely made me realize that this is the type of product you can use in many different ways. This is apparently meant to do nearly all the colors on your face with just one product. It really works if you are going for a quick and easy look, but the undertone may be right for this to be perfect on your skin tone as a contour. The product is being promoted as being useful for that to in addition to it being a blush, eyeshadow and lip product. In short, this is one you can just dab on wherever and it would work.

What is the shade like?

The main reason why I wanted to own this? The shade! Look at that stunning cool toned plummy mauve shade. It has a bit of grey running through it, but it also has a bit of brown running through it. It’s a dusty purple shade without it being too in your face as it has such a murky undertone. It is just that perfect grungy shade that I love and it is shades like this that would work very well on me as blush, eyeshadow or a lip color. As a contour this is a bit too purple/ mauve so I wouldn’t apply it there. However, also as eyeshadow and lip color this isn’t my favorite.

How does this swatch?

When looking at this swatch it may not seem like a great product. It seems a bit sheer, but that means it is buildable which is great if you want a multi-use product. What I noticed though straight away is the fact that this is very powdery in the way it feels. It doesn’t travel far: for a cream that is quite different. It dries down fully matte and you have very little time to play with it. Pretty much where you put this is where it ends up. That’s why I prefer it mainly on my cheeks. On the lips wasn’t my favorite as it is quite a dry feeling product and as an eyeshadow I felt this was a bit difficult to blend out.

How does this product apply?

While I like the idea of this being multi-purpose I knew when I bought it I would mainly be wearing it as a blush. And that’s the way I ended up liking it the most so that’s why I am showing you that option here. This is the way I have been using this mostly now that it is in my Shop My Stash. My usual way of applying cream blush doesn’t really work for this though. I still feel it is best applied with fingers and then you just need to do a dab-dab-dab on one cheek. Grab some more and then dab-dab-dab onto the other cheek. Usually I spread the product between my fingers and I apply it to both cheeks at the same time. With this being as sheer and powdery as it is, I felt that just didn’t work.

My final thoughts

I really like the Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Melting Balm. I just don’t think it is as versatile as this product claims to be. Sure can you use it on other areas of the face than just as blush? I think you can, it just isn’t perfect. My lips are quite dry so I feel just this isn’t great and since it’s nearly the color of my lips, I might as well just pop on a sheer lip balm and let that be done. As eyeshadow I felt this wasn’t blendable enough as it really needs the warmth of your fingers for it to be worked but having such little time to do so I feel this doesn’t blend well enough.

Would I recommend the Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Melting Balm?

Here’s where I need to answer the most important question and that is: is it worth it? And I would say it’s a no from me. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this as the shade is perfect and it is stunning as a blush. But at this price point it is a bit too expensive and I feel I have tried other cream blushes that look as stunning and are just a bit easier to work with. Only get this if you truly want this, if not, skip it.

What is a great multi-use product you love?
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