Kiko Mood Boost blush review

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A blush I decluttered but then pulled out? Oh yeah, that definitely happened here! I don’t do this a lot, but sometimes there are some products that I am just sad to see falling to the way side before I even get to properly try them. My philosophy is that I try everything I buy and so I felt bad about decluttering this even though I didn’t give it much of a chance. And this month I decided to finally try it for real. And I am glad that I did try it, because this Kiko Milano Mood Boost blush is a beautiful product.

Review: Kiko Milano Mood Boost Limited Edition blush 03 Perfect Mauve

Yes, you read that right: this product was part of a limited edition. However, the best part about Kiko is that online their limited edition stuff usually stays around for a while and you can buy it at 50% off. I also got this at a discount. The original price point was €15 but now it is only €7.50, so that’s a steal. I don’t remember how much I paid for mine, but I believe it was a similar price point. It contains 10 grams of product which is a lot for a blush.

What does this blush have to offer?

This blush was part of a limited edition that launched in 2021. It was one I saw around but I find Kiko a bit pricey at full price, so I pretty much always get it when it is discounted. The blush was available in three shades and when a shade is called Perfect Mauve, you bet I end up trying this. The website doesn’t say whether this is supposed to be a baked product or not, but it certainly looks like it. Baked blushes can be a bit drier but this texture is quite different from anything I have felt before. It is quite firmly pressed too so I feel I do have to go in quite hard with my brush to pick up the product.

What is the shade like?

For a shade called mauve, I feel this is more on the pink side than on the purple side. It has a bit of warmth but it also has some lovely cool tones to it. It is also quite light, especially for Kiko. The brand being Italian, they seem to love focusing their collections on medium/ tan skin tones and I have found many products to be too dark for me. This looked right up my alley: this is my shade and with a lovely sheen to make the cheeks more alive.

How does this blush swatch?

Is it an eyeshadow? Is it a blush? With this level of pigmentation you just can’t be sure, can you? This is insanely pigmented in a finger swatch, but with a brush it luckily doesn’t look this intense. It sheers out beautifully and the formula is quite different. It’s a bit like a putty formula where it’s not quite a cream and not quite a powder. It has a lovely sheen, but I feel I love much of the glow when I apply this with a brush. So sometimes I tap a little bit extra of this on the apples of my cheeks to intensify it just ever so lightly.

How does this blush apply?

This being quite a light shade it only adds a subtle hint of color to the cheeks. This blush is not made for more intense blush looks such as draping, but it is best used for a more natural effect. And that is really good at. As you can see here, you can tell exactly where the blush is, but it just adds that hint of a flush to my cheeks, with a hint of glow. For how intense this swatches, on the cheeks it just isn’t all that wowing and special I feel. Is this something that will save another round of declutters come spring time? Maybe not.

My final thoughts

The Kiko Mood Boost blush is very pretty. The shade is more of a pink than a mauve though and on my cheeks the shade isn’t as impactful. It makes for a pretty, sheer blush shade with a bit of glow. I perhaps would have liked this more if had a little bit more going for it. It looks very promising in the packaging, from the way it is presented and packaged to the way it swatches. But I feel a bit underwhelmed once I apply this to my cheeks, even though it is lovely. Once applied it looks like a dime a dozen.

Would I recommend the Kiko Milano Mood Boost blush?

I like this well enough. This is pretty if you don’t have a million blushes like I do. But I have a lot of blush and many of them are mauve tones and I feel I just have too many things that look like this already. If you are on the hunt for a good mauve toned blush and you don’t want to spend too much than this is a good one. It may be gone though because this is limited edition and I think it may only be around for a short while to come.

What do you think of the Kiko Mood boost blush?
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