Kaleidos Makeup Mars Melter highlighter review

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For this review I wanted to dig into a product that you cannot buy anymore. Well, not really, but hear me out. Kaleidos Makeup still has a Mars Melter highlighter but it’s not this one. This is the old version of that highlighter and so I cannot tell you what the new one is like. What I can tell you is that I had the ability to buy either the new one or this one. I went with this one as it has a clear base. The new one has a stronger base color (which seems peachy) which I wasn’t sure would be flattering on my skin. So when it came to buying myself some Kaleidos highlighters, I opted for the old version of their Space Age highlighters in Mars Melter. I have tried it out and these are my thoughts.

Review: Kaleidos Makeup Space Age highlighter Mars Melter

Kaleidos Makeup is an indie brand with a US business front but they ship directly from China. This means they can keep their costs down as China has other shipping fees and regulations and since they don’t have to keep it in a different warehouse, they can cut some costs there too. The result? Good makeup at an affordable price point plus it is all a bit more unique compared to many other brands that are affordable. This retails for €14 but I got it as part of a set and got an even better deal than that.

What does this highlighter have to offer?

I actually have a video up with all the Space Age highlighter I tried (find it here) which will better show you the shifts these have. Mars Melter is one of the more unique shades in the collection. It isn’t just any highlighter, it is a magenta highlighter. Yes, in the pan it looks white, but all of the Kaleidos Makeup Space Age highlighter can look quite tame in the pan, but once you start applying these magic happens. Sadly it doesn’t photograph well, so the pictures look a little lackluster.

What is Mars Melter like?

So this formula is a little bit crumbly. Especially now that I am reaching for this more so on the daily I feel there is a lot of kick up in the pan. No problem! But that is perhaps good to know. In the pan, this looks white, but then when you stick your finger in for the first time a magnificent shine comes through. In this case a reddish undertone with a hot pink flash. I have tried pink highlighters before, but this is something else. It looks more pink once applied I feel, but I love how unassuming this is at first glance.

How does this highlighter swatch?

Here you can see the shift a little bit and this finger swatch does not do this justice. It may look like this has a white base but it doesn’t. Once applied with a brush you just get the pink sheen and there is no base color whatsoever. That’s a feat, because against my skin tone many highlighters end up leaving a bit of a cast. This picture also shows that this isn’t just a pink, you can see a hint of red lying underneath it and that’s what makes this highlighter a bit more special than most highlighters.

What does this highlighter looks like applied?

In terms of texture this is different from the Diamond Dasher highlighter that I reviewed before. That is far more glittery than this one. This is incredibly smooth and when I apply this, even with a brush, it’s almost like applying a cream. It is an impactful highlighter that looks stunning on the cheeks. It looks better when you see it when I move my face because this pretty much disapears when the light doesn’t hit your skin. But then you turn your head and BOOM: hot pink/ magenta flash.

My final thoughts

The Kaleidos Makeup Mars Melter is quickly growing to be my favorite Space Age highlighter that the brand does. I am sad this is no longer available in this version but I hope the new version is still as stunning, it just may not work as well on fair skin as this one does. That one definitely has a deeper base and I feel what makes this special is that it practically disappears until you see it. The shade itself is also not too standard and therefore more unique in my collection. And that’s definitely what I would recommend Kaleidos highlighters for.

Would I recommend the Kaleidos Makeup Mars Melter highlighter?

Yes I would! If you are looking for a highlighter in a more unique shade, then this is a lovely. But the brand has more on offer. Some shades have been discontinued over time, but they even do some multichrome highlighter that don’t only work on the cheeks, but also as eyeshadow or toppers over other products. I have personally put Kaleidos highlighters on top of lipstick and that works really well too. So if you like to play with your makeup then definitely check these out.

What is a highlighter formula you feel deserves more love?
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