Eyeshadow palette collection 2022

eyeshadow palette collection 2022

Let’s chat about some palettes! As is customary when I do eyeshadow palette month, I always try to include an overview of my entire eyeshadow palette collection. As it currently stands, I have over 250 of them in my active collection, but I have thrown in a few extra ones for good measure. Some of these I keep around for videos, are already on the chopping block or are part of my makeup memory box. But I felt it would be good to include everything. I do some swatches here and there but you can find full review with swatches and makeup looks on almost everything I am showing here. Just use the search bar below! Oh and grab a cuppa and some food, because this is a long one. Enjoy!

Eyeshadow palette collection 2022 // 250+ eyeshadow palettes

Mentioned in the video:

What is your favorite palette in my collection?
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