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I am always game for trying a brand I haven’t tried. So when one of my subscribers sent me a product from Halsey’s About Face makeup brand, I was stoked to try it. I had heard of the brand, but wasn’t sure where to get it, so I hadn’t tracked it down. Turns out, it’s available through Cult Beauty so it is much easier to get a hold of than I had thought. This was a product someone got as an extra and so they passed it on to me as they figured it would suit my skin tone much better. I have been trying it out throughout the month and today I am sharing my thoughts in this review.

Review: About Face Ligh Lock Stick highlighter Please Indulge Me

In case you didn’t know About-Face is a brand started by Halsey, known for her music first and foremost. The line is one ‘with little rules’. So I think this stick is also intended to be used in whichever way you’d like. It is one of the more affordable products in the line at €13.50. But overall the line isn’t too expensive. It’s sort of lower end Sephora which I think can also make the brand quite accessible to people who might be her fans who may or may not be into makeup much.

What does this product have to offer?

On to the product itself. This a highlighter stick first and foremost, but I am sure you can use this anywhere where you would like to apply a bit of shine. This being a cream makes it great for the eyes as well and this is also recommended for use on the body. It comes in 6 different shades and Please Indulge Me is one of the lighter ones. The packaging is compact and this is quite easy to carry around. The packaging does feel a touch cheap, but I do like the iridescent tube and it is easy to find if you have a few other cream products.

What is the shade like?

Please Indulge Me was a shade I didn’t really know what to do with at first. It is light, but it is also quite warm. It is described as a soft whisper pink on the website but this is definitely a pink that leans on the warm side of pink rather than the cooler end. When I first used this I wasn’t a huge fan as I felt it was a touch too deep for me. But then I played around with it some more and found that given I pair it with the right blush, it can look very pretty on my skin.

How does this product swatch?

So this is what the shade look like. The texture of this is very different from any cream stick highlighter I have tried. It feels very balmy and emolient. It literally glides on and so I would not recommend using this straight from the stick. You’d easily over apply it and it won’t look great (that’s the mistake I made the first time I tried this). The best way to apply this is to apply some on the tops of your fingers and tap it onto the high points of the cheeks. That way you don’t get the strong base that you can see in the full on swatch, but more of a translucent shine. This I have demonstrated in the picture below.

What does this product look like on the cheeks?

Here you can clearly see the effect of this highlighter provided you use the right method of application. At the top is my cheek with just bronzer. Below is my cheek with just the highlighter tapped on. The result? A very glowy pretty cheek. The shade is exactly spot on and the balmy texture makes it very easy to blend it in and work it into the skin. I think this may also be very pretty if you apply it under foundation. Today I even applied it OVER a powder and that looked stunning too. So a great versatile product that you can use whichever way you wish.

My final thoughts

About-Face’s Light Lock Stick in Please Indulge Me is one that I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did. This is an easy to use product that I think can cater to many people’s highlighter needs. I am not so sure about using this as a body highlighter. The product is so creamy that I think it may transfer onto clothes quite easy and therefore could cause a smudgy mess. That super creamy formula also makes me wonder how long it will take for this to expire. Creams already have a shorter shelf life than powders do, but with a formula this rich? It could very well mean it expires even quicker.

Would I recommend the About Face Light Lock highlighter?

This is a good product for sure. Do I recommend you run out and get this? No. (I never do really). It’s a pretty product that comes in enough shades that there is something for everyone. It just isn’t a super special shade and the very rich formula may not be great for people with oily skin. This may just not last and break up depending on your skin type. If you can sample this before trying, I would recommend doing that if this product review interested you.

What is a product you didn’t expect to love that you ended up liking?
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