Catrice Pro Slim Neon Earth eyeshadow palette review

catrice pro slim neon earth eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look

In my last ‘eyeshadow palettes I should still review roundup’ for some time to come I bring you: the Catrice Pro Slim Neon Earth eyeshadow palette. This is another one that just got lost in the shuffle. But since this is a good palette and still available in some territories, I figured I could still review it. This was one of the first two palettes Catrice released in the line (there are 8 of these by now!) together the with Next Gen Nudes. The color stories have definitely changed and become more interesting and unique over time. This one is one of the more standard looking ones, but the quality is good! Let’s get stuck in.

Review: Catrice Pro Slim Neon Earth eyeshadow palette

So all of these Pro Slim palette retail for around the €9.99 mark over here. They can be more or less expensive depending on where you live. It is currently still available in the US for $13. In terms of price point these are a little bit more expensive and not all the palettes in the line are created equal. This one is one of the good ones though, so let’s have a closer look.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Neon Earth is a warm toned neutral palette. We get some oranges here, some browns, but as some of the other palettes in this line it does skew quite light. The deepest shade isn’t super deep and the left half of the palette has a lot of shades that look quite similar. The later palettes don’t have that issue and I did really like the way this worked on my cool toned skin. It is definitely a warm toned palette that is fair girl friendly.

What is the color story like?

In terms of the color story, there are some shades here that look a bit cool toned in the palette, but when swatched against my skin they definitely have a warm undertone. It’s just because they are so light that it may look like this is a cooler toned palette than it actually is. It is also slightly matte heavy with 8 mattes and 6 shimers. The shimmers all have a similar level of shimmer. So nothing textured is going on here and that makes this palette a little less versatile than I would like.

How does this palette swatch?

Here you can clearly see that the shades are all quite warm toned, save for one matte in the bottom row. That has a cooler undertone but this is pretty warm toned palette. It is not overly warm toned though. I mean you can easily go into just the browns and leave out the orange and red leaning shades. The quality is actually quite good. The mattes in this are buttery smooth and where Catrice mattes can be so powdery they blend away into nothing, these actually stick down, build up and can be taken to full intensity with very little effort.

2 looks, 1 palette

Warm toned neutral look
Warm toned look

When creating the looks for this review, I focused one look mainly on the warm toned neutrals and then the other look became a little bit more spicy as I features the reddish and orange toned shades all together. And the result is some lovely looks. I wish the yellow wasn’t as stark (I mean, sunflower yellow toned golds just aren’t my favorite as they clash too much) but all the other shades work well, blend easily and the shimmers can be built up if you foil them to create a little bit more dimension.

My final thoughts

For a person who doesn’t love warm toned shadows, the Catrice Pro Slim Neon Earth was a very successful one. Probably because this palette gives you options. Is it very unique though? Not really. I think if you already own some other warm toned palettes this isn’t that different from what has already been around for years. But overall this is a solid pick from Catrice and one that I think many people might like who want to not spend too much money on a good eyeshadow palette.

Would I recommend the Catrice Pro Slim Neon Earth?

This palette is a good one, but a bit standard in terms of what is on offer in the eyeshadow world. This is not an absolute musthave but it is a good quality palette and I feel this can cater to so many people’s eyeshadow palette needs. If you can still get this and it is to your liking, this is a palette that will server you right for sure.

What is your favorite Catrice palette?
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