Shop My Stash September 2022

shop my stash september 2022

It’s the first Tuesday of the month so we are shopping my stash to select some new makeup for my everyday makeup drawer. Well, new makeup… I am actually going to go back to a lot of old favorites as I am a bit behind taking pictures for the blog and so I want to play catchup and just focus my reviews on some other products. I just have so much to give an initial trial behind the scenes that I didn’t want to overload my drawer with all this new stuff this month. So I am going back to a lot of products I already know and love. But of course I am also showing you what was in the drawer and how that went for me, incl. my lipsticks and palette picks. So let’s put together a new everyday makeup drawer.

Shop My Stash September 2022 // Everyday makeup drawer incl. mini reviews & selecting new products

August products:

September products:

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