My book channel is back + book haul

back & book haul

I am ba-hack! Well on here, I have never really been away, but a few years ago I decided to split my Youtube Channels into a beauty & fashion channel on my main channel and a book channel, aptly named Floating in Books. And then I practically stopped reading and so I had nothing to post and my book channel was dying a very slow dead. I have been wanting to restart it for months but I just didn’t have the energy to film and edit those extra videos. But now I am back and I am back with a vengeance with my book haul comprising all the books I bought since I last filmed a video. So I hope you want to strap in and you are loving my plans for the channel as much as I do. Because moving forward my second channel will be more of a lifestyle channel featuring more than just books.

I’m back + book haul // Reviving my book channel & all the books I bought in 1.5 years

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