Catrice Under Eye Brightener review

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Is it a corrector? Is it a concealer? No, it is the new Catrice Under Eye Brightener. This product is hot off the press as it was launched just a few weeks ago in the Catrice Fall/ Winter 2022 Update. This was a product that was difficult to buy because it sold out quickly so it seems to be a popular one. And I can understand why. It has been a while since Catrice has come out with something that falls into the corrector/ concealer category. So I was excited to try this out. Let’s take a closer look at the Catrice Under Eye brightener.

Review: Catrice Under Eye brightener

This under eye brightener is of course a bit of a different product. While I am showing it to you by itself in this blog review, you can also layer this under a concealer to help it block out any discoloration you might have before adding the coverage. If you want to see how that works for me, then please check out the video in which I tried out the products from the new Catrice collection. You can find that video by clicking here. This retails for €4.49 and is out now from EU retailers. It may take while for it to be rolled out globally if this product is being released everywhere.

What does this product have to offer?

So this is officially called an under eye brightener. What this product is supposed to do is brighten up the under eye to highlight that area and make it less dark. I have naturally dark circles due to having more deepset eyes. So I need all the color correction I need. Concealers aren’t often enough to get the result and it is usually best if I go in with two layers: a little bit or corrector and then a more dewy, lightweight concealer on top. This product is not meant to conceal as it may not be the right shade for everyone as this is the only shade available but this is meant to go under your concealer so this might be more universal than you might think.

What is this product like?

Let’s have a closer look at the product itself. In the pot you get a very creamy product that reminds me a lot of how people discussed the Becca Under Eye brightener. I couldn’t tell you whether this is a dupe or not as I never tried the Becca one. What I like about this isn’t just the texture, but also the shade. This is perfect for me and it isn’t too bright of a light pink (despite the shade name Light Rose). I feel this has a hint of peach, meaning it is great for cancelling out blue tones in the under eye area.

What does this product swatch like?

In this swatch I think you can see the texture this has. It is quite a rich texture so this will be great for dry skin. I often find many concealers far too drying leading it to accentuate any fine lines. This blends in seamlessly and I prefer to apply this with my fingers as the warmth and oils of my fingers also help this product to blend into the skin. The shade is perfect for me as well and the product isn’t super thick but you could easily go in with another layer if you want to add a bit more correction.

How does this corrector apply?

Here you can clearly see the effect this has. In the picture at the top you can see my under eye are without this product. It’s a bit dark, there is some blue and red discoloration there and I some fine lines. Any product that is too dry or too much coverage usually doesn’t look great on my under eyes. I need something that is dewy and hydrating and this product certainly is. The final result looks almost blurred and I feel I don’t necessarily need to put a concealer on top. If you have much deeper skin than mine, I would recommend going in with a concealer to match your skin tone and only use this as a highlighter to add that awake, bright look to the eyes.

My final thoughts

This is a good new launch from Catrice. The only thing I have to point out: this under eye brightener comes in just one shade. It would have been nice if they came out with several tones so different people with different skin tones could wear this more easily. Also, if you have oily lids or if you want a full coverage look this may not be for you. This is more of a lightweight barely there product, but if there is one thing that I am noticing as a trend going around the socials at the moment is the old age trick of using a corrector before concealer. And this product will fit that trend perfectly.

Would I recommend the Catrice Under Eye Brightener?

While I think this is a good product, the limitation of just having one shade available means not everyone will be able to use this. So buyer beware and be smart when this product interests you. Formula wise and the way this wears this is one of the best correctors I have used (I like this better than the Charlotte Tilbury one) but I just wish Catrice would stop being so adament to only have one or just a few shades in their base product ranges.

What is your favorite under eye corrector?
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