MAC Studio Fix concealer review

mac studio fix 24 HR smooth wear concealer NW15 review swatch dry skin high end makeup look application

I introduced this product in my Shop My Stash as the ‘shame of my makeup collection’. Why? Because I have owned this concealer for years but just never really used it. It is one of those that just got lost in the shuffle. Not the review (this happens a lot to me that I could review the product, but I just don’t end up writing about it), but the actual product. This has been sitting in a drawer for more than 2 years without it being used. So it was high time that I put this in a shop my stash and test it out. And now that I have, the only thing I can say is: why didn’t I try this sooner? Because this is good!

Review: MAC Studio Fix 24 HR Smooth Wear concealer in NW15

I bought mine in store, but MAC is quite widely available so I don’t think you’d have any problems getting a hold of if you were interested in this. At €24 a pop this isn’t a super expensive concealer, but it certainly fits more so in the high end price bracket. MAC is of course known for not being a cruelty free brand, but I leave that choice up to you as a reader whether you find that a factor that influences your makeup buying. I mainly have a soft spot for MAC as it was one of the first high end brands I tried. They don’t always do super exciting things anymore I feel, but there are a few staples I still go back to.

What does this concealer have to offer?

The MAC Studio Fix concealer is one that is supposed to be lightweight, but with medium to full buildable coverage. It should not look cakey, be quite hydrating and stay put for 24 hours. Apart from the medium to full coverage claim, this sounds like a concealer I might light. The reason I bought this? I really liked the texture when I tested it in store. It feels very hydrating to the touch and blends out easily. Before this I had only really tried was one that came in a Paint Pot like jar that I used before I ever wore foundation. The infamous Pro Longwear has always seemed a bit too heavy for my liking no matter how many people rave about it.

How does this concealer perform?

So despite the claim, I feel this is a concealer that hits a lot of points for me. It perhaps has fuller coverage than I prefer but this still blends in easily and because it is more of a buildable formula, I feel this still looks natural on the skin. This is best applied with a sponge though. With a brush it can get a little bit streaky. But overall this wears all day, blends in seamlessly and looks great when powdered for a long time. No cakeyness whatsoever and on my dry, lined under eyes that’s a feat.

How does this concealer swatch?

Here you can see the product in a swatch. Both full on and blended out. Now this is way more product than I feel I need when using this. Just a few dots will definitely be enough to get the level of coverage I like. It has a slightly dewy texture when it first goes on but when you blend it in the final result is more of a satin finish. The brand claims this goes on matte, but I personally find there is still a hint of sheen left once this has been worked into the skin.

How does the concealer apply?

In terms of coverage I feel this concealer makes light work of my dark, discolored under eye area. It blends in very well as you can see here, but I do have to make sure I don’t use too much with this. Too much product can make this look cakey which is why I would recommend applying this with a sponge as that usually takes away a little bit more coverage and still create a more natural finish even with a fuller coverage product.

I feel this makes my under eye look fresh and more awake and the shade NW15 is exactly right for me. By now, I would perhaps go for one shade up (NW15) or for a more neutral toned shade (NC15) as this is a bit light and pinky leaning. I like it though and since we are going into winter I may just want to keep this into my everyday makeup drawer to see if I can use it up before the end of the year. I’d like to use up another concealer and I definitely like this enough to keep it in there.

My final thoughts

The MAC Studio Fix concealer is one that I enjoy a lot more than I had anticipated. Again: why did it take me so long to roll it into a shop my stash? No one will ever know, but I will be more than happy to keep using this until it is fully gone. And that to me is a great sign of liking a concealer. If I can see myself sticking with it for a few weeks/ months until it is used up, I know I like this. That said, with how much coverage this gives it may take me a while to go through and using this up before the end of the year, may be a bit difficult. But there are still a lot of makeup looks to do, so I am sure I will be fine.

Would I recommend the MAC Studio Fix concealer in NW15?

I think this is a stunning concealer that many people might light. It’s got coverage but it isn’t too full on. It actually reminds me a lot of another favorite concealer: the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer. But that is nearly €10 more expensive than this is as the NARS price point is a bit higher. So this I feel is a good concealer that more people should know about. Let me know how you get on if you end up trying it!

What is your favorite MAC concealer?
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