Catrice AirBlush Glow review

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Catrice has a new line of blushes out? Sign me up! The minute I spotted these were being released I knew I wanted to try them. The shades weren’t that revolutionary and I have tried a lot of Catrice blushes over the years, so I went with a shade that I knew I’d love. In general, Catrice do some really love blushes and I haven’t found much to complain about with a lot of these. The shades aren’t always that exciting, I surely wish they would change that up. However, when it comes to affordable drugstore blushes, Catrice never misses the mark. Let’s find out if that’s also the case for the new AirBlush Glow range.

Review: Catrice Air Blush Glow blush 020 Cloud Wine

The new blushes come in two finishes: AirBlush Matt and AirBlush Glow. I opted for a Glow version as I am currently more into glowy blushes and because those shades appealed to me more. The two renditions retail for the same price point. At €4.49 these are affordable blushes from the drugstore definitely do not break the bank and as I already mentioned, I have great experiences using Catrice blushes so I am sure this will work really well too. So at this price point it’s definitely a steal. Unfortunately this product is quite new from Catrice so you may not yet be able to find this everywhere yet. I bought mine through Kosmetik4Less and Boozyshop.

What does this blush have to offer?

What appealed to me about this blush over the matt version wasn’t just the fact that this is glowy. The AirBlush Glow blush comes with a few different shades of blush that you can blend together. I always love it when blushes do that because it usually makes for a softer, more natural result than one single sahde. The design is pretty too but the matt blushes have the same embossing in the compact. The compact itself feels quite cheap, clear plastic with no actual closure. It closes because of the hinges but if those were to break, it would not longer close well.

What is the shade like?

I bought this blush in shade 020 Cloud Wine. This is one of three shades in the line up. The others were a coral and a rosy shade and while they looked pretty, if we have a shade that looks a bit mauve-y then I am all about it. You can see here that it’s not as dark as some other shades Catrice has done in the past that were called ‘wine’. In the Multi Colour Blush Box they also did a shade called It’s Wine O’Clock and that was much deeper and therefore not always perfect for my skin tone. This is lighter and therefore works quite well for me.

How does this blush swatch?

This blush looks exactly what I like in a blush in a swatch. It is soft, so not too pigmented which means you can build this up quite easily if you want it to look more intense. There is a hint of sheen here as well which I find very pretty. It’s not too strong meaning this won’t replace a highlighter but will just add a bit of healthy glow to your cheeks. The color is very pretty too. Not too plummy, a bit of mauve but also rosy at the same time. I think this will make for a pretty flushed blush look.

What does this product look like on the cheeks?

I always like to include a before and after picture so you can see what this looks like on my cheeks. In the top picture here you can see what my cheeks look like with bronzer and highlighter done. In the bottom picture I have applied a bit of blush. I think I could apply more to make this look more intense, but I personally prefer a softer look, so I wore it the way I would wear this out. The result is pretty, soft and great for everyday. There is a hint of sheen but not too much and I think this is a great little blush at a more affordable price point.

My final thoughts

The new Catrice AirBlush Glow blushes get a thumbs up from me. But I hadn’t expected anything else from Catrice. They usually do got blushes and that’s exactly what we are getting here. The other shades in the Matt and Glow line weren’t necessarily something I felt I needed to get my hands on but now that I have tried this, I think I may want to check these out in store to see if any of them look appealing to me. This is definitely something that is something I woulnd’t mind owning more of.

Would I recommend the Catrice AirBlush Glow blush?

I most definitely would. Catrice simply did it again and these blushes will be perfect for pretty much everyone. If there is a shade you like the look of, you can pretty much buy these blindly and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. For less than €5 this is simply one of the best blush formulas on the market and I love how Catrice just keeps doing a great job with these.

What do you think of the new Catrice blushes?
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