Catrice Cover & Care concealer review

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Whenever Catrice launches a new concealer I want to try it. Some of my favorite concealers from the drugstore are by them. And when I spotted they were doing a new Cover + Care concealer I wanted to try it. This is supposedly fragrance free and approved for sensitive skin so I was hoping this would be one I would love as much as some of the other ones. So let’s get stuck in and review the Catrice Cover + Care Sensitive concealer.

Review: Catrice Cover + Care Sensitive concealer 002N

So the new Catrice products are being rolled out around the world as we speak. This may not be available where you are yet, but give it a few months I you will be able to find it. This concealer comes in 9 different shades of which I for once didn’t need the lightest one and retails for €4.95. If you’re in Europe, you can currently buy this from places like Boozyshop, Kosmetik4Less and Notino.

What does this concealer have to offer?

The Catrice Cover + Care concealer is a medium to full coverage concealer with a matt finish but one that should also nourish the skin. It is a thicker consistency but one that should be easy to blend yet also be buildable. It doesn’t have an overly large applicator so it should be easy to only apply a little bit at a time and create the coverage you need. It should make light work of covering up redness, dark circles and any other blemishes you might have. So let’s see if that is actually what this does.

What does this concealer do?

On thing I like about this concealer is how nourishing it is. It is a thicker consistency but it’s not drying. I am usually not a fan of matte concealers precisely for that reason but I feel that because this has enough hydration it never feels like this is too cakey on my skin. It can pull a little bit into fine lines, but a bit of extra care when applying this helps solve that problem. Because of the thicker texture, a little goes a long way with this and just a few dots is really all you need.

How does this concealer swatch?

Let’s look at this in a swatch. As you can see above, this is quite a thick, but also hydrating formula. It has a bit of shine in a full on swatch, but when you blend it out it is nearly undetectable and while matte, this still looks natural. It can look a little bit streaky when you apply it with a brush, but nothing that can’t be blended in with fingers. Still, I think this is best applied with a sponge also because of the thicker texture. That makes this look even more natural.

What does this look like applied?

Another thing I like about this one? The shade. 002N is a bit light but not so light that it looks like you’ve highlighted your undereyes. So I would say this is a great concealer shade for me. You can also see this has a good amount of coverage and it looks great on the under eye. It looks natural and not like too much. It has enough coverage to cover up my redness and dark circles and so I feel this is a good concealer, especially for the price point.

My final thoughts

The new Catrice Cover + Care concealer is a good launch from Catrice. It comes in a decent amount of shades, but it could definitely be improved upon. I like the shade for me and there is even one lighter and they seem to have paid attention to undertones, so there’s always that. The texture is lovely and even on my dry skin this looks great. I like how this feels on the skin, how it blends out and the way it sits on the skin. It even looks great after a full day of wear.

Would I recommend the Catrice Cover + Care concealer?

Yes I would! If you can find it and find your shade match this is a good one for everyday. It’s not super full coverage but even if you love a bit more coverage than my usual lightweight dewy look, then this will still be able to appease you. I love how it blends out and what I love even more is the price point. For under €5 you just can’t beat a concealer this great.

Would you like to try the new Catrice concealer?
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