Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation review (updated shade range)

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An oldie but a goodie: that’s what we could say the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is. This is one of the OG hyped up beauty products and I have reviewed it twice before: here and here. The first review I wrote when I tried it for the first time, then they reformulated and I compared the old and the new formula. Now they range has had another update and the brand has released more shades. I don’t know exactly when this update happened, I actually think it was quite some time ago, but the new shades aren’t available in stores here so I spotted this online and decided to give it another try. Because I ended up decluttering my Healthy Mix as it was just a touch too yellow and dark for my liking. Now that there’s a new shade, I thought it was time to try it out as this is a formula I have always loved.

Review: Bourjois Healty Mix foundation No. 50 Rose Ivory/ Ivoire Rosé

So this foundation now comes in 16 shades. They have mainly added shades to the lighter and deeper end of the spectrum, but I have to say: especially in the deeper shades there is very little variation and it still doesn’t seem to go very dark. Nor does this go very dark. There are only two shades lighter than the original lightest shade: 51 Vanilla. However, what is new is undertones. At least if we have to believe the shade names, there are now not only yellow toned shades, but also more pinky shades as many of the shades added include ‘rose’ in the shade name. I bought this off Notino this time round and there this currently retails for €8.60, which is half what this foundation costs at my local drugstore.

What does this foundation have to offer?

It has been a joy to be going back to this old favorite. Using this again reminds me of why I love this so much. The formula is easy to blend, wears well throughout the day and looks natural on. What I didn’t love and I completely didn’t remember: the smell. This has some weird fruity scent to it. Luckily it disappears very quickly, but I really did not remember this foundation having any particular scent to it. The formula is still as I remember it though and that is what matters most: a good, affordable foundation at the drugstore.

How does this foundation swatch?

The real proof of the pudding is of course the shade. My main reason for decluttering this in the end wasn’t because I didn’t love it. I just didn’t love the shade and mine was getting a bit old. So it was time to go. Here you can see that this shade looks a lot more promising. It has a peachy/ pink undertone when you blend it out, but sadly this is still not a great match for me as you will see below. That said, the formula looks nice and glowy and lightweight and that is what made me fall in love with this foundation in the first place.

What is the shade match like?

Can you see how yellow this looks against my skin tone? While it looks a bit peachy/ pink in the swatch, once applied to my face that seems to just disappear. It is lighter for sure, but shade 50 which is what you see here is now the lightest shade in the line up and it’s still too dark for me. The undertone is also still far too yellow. Can I make this work though? Yes, from the front this really doesn’t look bad and once blended down the neck and applying bronzer, it really isn’t a horrible shade and it is better than the one I had before.

What is the coverage like?

See from the front, this really looks like a good foundation. It just is not a great match for my super pale neck. But I also feel that with this if I had gone paler (if that were an option) it might have made me look a bit too ghostly pale and that is also not a good look. This still has the right shade for cancelling out my redness and once applied I feel this makes my makeup look good. Whenever I wear this I never have a bad makeup day and I now wonder why I didn’t repurchase this any sooner.

My final thoughts

(Never mind the concealer moustache. Not sure what happened there)

Alas, the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation may come in more shades, but the lightest shade still isn’t quite right for me. Maybe if they were to do another extension and also include actual deep shades and not 20 shades of beige and 5 deep shades, this may actually improve further. Now that I have used it again, I realized I was actually missing this from my makeup collection as it is such a solid drugstore foundation pick. I feel this should get raved about more, but with such a selective shade range in 2022 I also understand why that just doesn’t happen. Do better Bourjois!

Would I recommend the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation?

Yes I would. If you can find your shade that is. Even though this isn’t spot on I do know now I will want to keep this in my collection. I just didn’t realize what I was missing and this is just such a solid pick for my dry/ dehydrated skin. It covers what I need to cover, looks great every time and it works with any makeup look. It’s a great everyday foundation that I wish would be more accessible to more people. So extend that shade range even further Bourjois! Pretty please?!

What is a product you fell back in love with after not using it for a while?
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