Top 3 Favorites – Base Product Edition

top 3 favorite makeup products in every category base products

I thought it could be fun talking about my favorite makeup products in a given category. I am already ranking my top 10 favorite products in a single category, but I figured it would also be great to give a more generic overview. Then I spotted Kelly Gooch doing a Top 3 Favorites in every category of makeup series and I felt I should do it too. So today we are kicking things off with base products and we’ll go over each of the categories as we go along. The plan is to feature one of these once a month until I have talked about each category in my makeup collection. Hope you enjoy!

Top 3 Favorite Makeup Products // Base product edition: foundation, concealer, powder, primer & setting spray

Products mentioned:

What are your top 3 favorites in these categories of makeup?
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