Giorgio Armani Eye Tint liquid eyeshadow review

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Liquid and cream products: they are causing a huge hype these days but where cheek products seem to be getting most of the attention, liquid and cream eyeshadow is still an underrated product in the makeup community. I personally love a cream or liquid eyeshadow for that easy, quick one stop shop. Many of my favorite one and done shadows are liquids or creams but I don’t test them out (or wear them) enough. That’s why a few months ago I figured I would make one of my ‘custom singles’ videos all about some newer in cream and liquid eyeshadows. One of the products I tested out for that video? The Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Smoke in 37 Scarab. Let’s review it!

Review: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Smoke Liquid Shadow 37 Scarab

This being a Giorgio Armani product, you know it’s not going to be cheap. It retails for €31 a pop but I can find different price point on different websites. But that seems to be the median of what I can find. The shade 37 Scarab is one that I cannot find anymore and so it kind of feels as if it never even existed. If it weren’t for my having it in my collection I don’t think I’d believe anyone if they’d say they knew about this thing. Oh well, this product still comes in a host of shades and some of them are more interesting like this one. Overall the range seems to feature a lot of nude browns though so if that’s your cup of tea the line certainly will have something to offer.

What does this eye tint have to offer?

While I love this product, it also feels like quite a random pick if I have to be honest. So if this review feels random, it probably is because I feel that way too. Last year however, I wanted to make sure I was trying some more Giorgio Armani products. I had heard good things about the line for years but it took a while for them to be available here. So I tried some foundations, tried some blush and of course I had to try eyeshadow too! Nothing in the line really stood out to me until I spotted this! One of my lovely subscribers was asking me for recommendations for a good cream or liquid teal eyeshadow. On the hunt to help her out, I came across this and decided to pick it up. We all know I love a teal!

How does this eyeshadow perform?

So I don’t have that much experience using liquid eyeshadow. Most of the liquid eyeshadow in my collection are liquid glitters, which are pretty but it really is a whack on and you’re done kind of moment. I knew, just by looking at this shade, that I would have to put a bit more work in. It is deep, dark and smokey. And while the tube makes it look like there is some pearlized shimmer in this, I feel this performs like a matte. It has a bit of a sheen when swatched, but once blended out, I feel it looks like a great teal smokey base. And yes, this is a greeny/ teal. It looks dark green in the tube, but don’t let it fool you! The applicator is quite big so I tend to just put a dot of this onto my lid and then use a fluffy blending brush to blend it onto the lid.

How does this liquid shadow swatch?

You only use a dot and blend that out? Yes, I would recommend working with this in thin layers. You can see why in this swatch. It’s quite a full on product and I feel that in the swatch you can also see that isn’t just your straight up forest dark green. There is a blackened base to this shade and a subtle hint of blue that runs through this, making it a perfect smokey teal shade. A full on swatch like this I wouldn’t recommend applying to your lids. Hence my ‘just use a dot and blend it out’ advise. You can always add more and intensify but if you apply too much this can become difficult to blend out. That said, for a liquid shadow I feel you have plenty of time to play with this and blend it out. Once applied it looks like a powder while it also dries down and stays put all day long.

My final thoughts

The Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in Scarab is a stunning product. It tooks a bit uneven in these close ups, but that’s mainly to do with my lid’s texture, not the product. The deep dark base really comes through and I feel this isn’t just something to wear by itself but it would be stunning as a base for a teal smokey eye as well. On my lids it looks even more blue toned than in the full on swatch. When this sheers out that greyish/ blue cool tone it has really comes through and I love it for that. Overall, a well-performing product that I have had a lot of fun playing around with.

Would I recommend the Giorgio Armani Eye Tint?

I think this is a good product and I love mine. But I don’t think everyone needs this in their lives. I know I won’t be buying any more from this, no matter how lovely the formula. I think I can get a similar look, more quickly with a powder shadow. Whether that’s because I am more used to applying powder shadow than liquid I couldn’t say but I don’t think this product is worth the pretty high price tag. I have tried other cream and liquid shadows that are far cheaper than this is that I feel are just as good.

What is a liquid eyeshadow you love?
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