Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss review

Lime Crime Limecrime Wet Cherry Gloss lipgloss lipstick review swatch extra poppin' wet cherry makeup look application

I am slowly but surely making my way through my lipgloss discovery journey with you. There were lots of formulas that I had heard people raving about over time, but I had never tried them. Because, until recently, I was an fierce lipgloss hater. That changed due to mask-wearing and so I decided to try some. One such hyped up formula? The Lime Crime Wet Cherry glosses. They did a set as part of a holiday collection which I picked up as I got two shades at a much better deal. So let’s see how I got on.

Review: LimeCrime Wet Cherry lipgloss Extra Poppin’& Wet Cherry

Lime Crime is a brand that I love in terms of their eyeshadow palettes. This indie brand pretty much was the initiator of some, now iconic color stories made much more famous by other brands. I mean just compare ABH’s Modern Renaissance and Subculture to OG the Lime Crime Venus palettes and you’ll see where I’m coming from. But their lip products? I had never tried those before. This set retailed for about €22 and features two lipglosses that are their best seller shades. A single one of these retails for €15, so I thought that was a good deal and tried them out.

What do these lip glosses have to offer?

The Wet Cherry lipglosses are known for their high shine but without the stickiness. When I thought back on lipgloss recommendations this was one that stood out to me the most. For years I had heard so many people rave about these and also when I disclosed I was looking for great lipglosses, I was advised to try these for their formula. And they were right: the formula of these was amazing! Non-sticky, yet high shine and comfortable on the lips, the name ‘wet cherry’ could not be more apt as that’s the kind of shine this gives.

What are these lipglosses like?

The Lime Crime Wet Cherry glosses I got were successful and not at the same time. I love one of these as it gives me exactly what these glosses claim they’ll do: high shine, wet looking gloss that looks incredible on the lips and feels great. That shade was the clear one to my surprise. I was expecting to like the red one more. The other shade? I didn’t like as much. I felt it looked less shiny and because of the actual sparkle this has it felt less reflective for some reason? Also this gloss just made me realize that I don’t like red lipgloss and I don’t like gloss when it has visible sparkle in it.

How do these lipglosses swatch?

Here you can see them swatched side by side and you can already see the difference in the level of shine. At least I feel you can. The formula of these is the same: smooth, non-sticky and it just feels reeally good on the lips. You can definitely feel you are wearing somehing. This isn’t as lightweight as a lip balm in case you were wondering. And another thing I have to point out is the fact that this gloss smells of… cherry. Candy cherry, so not the natural kind, but the type you buy in a bag and has sugar on top. For some reason I don’t mind it as much as I do the cupcake smell of some lip products, but it definitely is something that sets me back from wearing this all the time.

What do these lipglosses look like on the lips?

Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Extra Poppin’

Extra Poppin’ is the clear shade and it’s the one I prefer. It fills in all the lines of my lips and it just makes my lips look hydrated. Since it doesn’t add any noticeable color I find this the most wearable of the two shades, which I hadn’t expected. Back in the day, I mean I was a 90s/ early 2000s kid at the height of the Juicy Tube craze, I thought clear gloss was the devil and I held on that predilection. But this clear gloss proved me wrong and showed me that clear gloss doesn’t have to be a sticky mess. Plus it gives you the versatility of putting this over any lipstick you already own and make it glossy. And we all know: I love a bit of versatility.

You can see the red shade below. That one I liked a little bit less mainly because this gloss shade just isn’t for me. As much as I love my red lipsticks, that’s how much I dislike red lipgloss. I also felt this looked a little bit uneven and I struggled making this look good on my lips. Because of its sheer texture it also doesn’t look quite as red as I wanted it too look, but rather like a reddish toned pink. And while I love those shades in my lipstick collection and I love that juicy, fruity, popsicle look I feel this one just looks a bit off. The fact that this is so glossy, does also mean it kind of slides around a bit and with a shade like this, that is not a good thing.

My final thoughts

Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Wet Cherry

The Lime Crime Wet Cherry lipglosses were a hit and a miss for me. While a great formula I think not everyone will love these as they have a very strong faux cherry scent to them. As this is a lip product that sits right under your nose you will smell it for sure. So if scented lip products are not your thing: abort mission. However, if you are looking for a great formula that is smooth, feels yummy on the lips and truly hydrates your lips: this is a good one.

Would I recommend the Lime Crime Wet Cherry lipglosses?

These are some stunning glosses that I am glad I got to try. They are not my ultimate favorite, holy grail status glosses for sure as I do prefer a gloss with a bit of color. The red wasn’t quite right, but if you love a red lipgloss, definitely try this one out. The clear one was my favorite and it is the best clear gloss I have ever tried. That said, I haven’t tried many so I am not sure whether that statement holds much store.

What is your favorite clear lipgloss?
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