Tea Time Chat: Cruelty Free Makeup

I have another tea time chat for you! Today we are chatting about cruelty free makeup. To be more precise, this video is all about why I do not promote my blog and Youtube channel to focus on cruelty free makeup. This is a great and easy way to brand your content and there are plenty of creators that do. I sometimes get comments from people who are disappointed that I don’t do that too, but I have my reasons and I will explain it all in today’s video.

In this video we will cover a few topics: the definition of cruelty free, what cruelty free as a definition does not cover, what role selling makeup on the Chinese market plays and why claiming something is cruelty free could just be another way for brands to greenwash their marketing. All in all it will explain why I feel uncomfortable making such a bold claim as to say my content is cruelty free or focuses on cruelty free makeup, even if it actually is exactly that. Hope you enjoy!

Tea Time Chat // Why this channel is not cruelty free

What is your stance on crulety free makeup? Is it a label that you find useful? Or do you think we should have a better label that tells us more than just whether something was tested on animals?
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