Dior Forever Couture highlighter review

My favorite luxury brand? Dior. Me and Dior, we go back, way back as Dior was one of the first makeup brand I started buying from. And lately they have been quite in vogue with quite a few viral products. One such product? The Dior Forever Couture Highlighter. Let’s try it out.

Why did I want to try this? Because this highlighter comes in the same packaging as the Natural Bronze bronzer, which is one of my favorites. So I was hoping this would be as good.

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Dior is not a cheap brand, but I often use vouchers and discount codes to purchase the brand. This highlighter retails for €50 but you can get it for around €40 which is what I paid for this.

What does this highlighter have to offer?

The Dior Forever Couture Highlighter is available in 6 shades where there are two or three that could be right for lighter skin tones. I don’t normally love pink toned highlighters but this strangely appealed to me.

This shade is described by the brand as a shining pink that has a multidimensional shine. 95% of the pigments used are natural, should blend easily and last all day.

How does this highlighter perform?

I remember swatching this in store first and being very impressed. Pink highlighter can be quite icy and therefore not that natural looking. This is a lovely exception to the rule. There is a hint of warmth, making this not too stark while still being light enough to work on my fair skin.

Another quality this highlighter has is that it can be built up in intensity. Applying one layer will give you a more subtle, candlelit glow. Going in with a bit more will allow you to create that ‘can be seen from space’ type of look. This makes the product much more versatile.

How does this highlighter swatch?

You can see in this full on finger swatch that this nearly disappears against my fair skin tone. That has to do with two things: the fact that there is no obvious base color and because it blends easily.

The lack of base pigment means this does not leave a cast. No matter which way the light hits your face, this will look natural from all angles.

Another advantage to this highlighter is that the shimmer is super fine. This means there is no fallout, this doesn’t breakup on the skin and therefore this looks stunning all day.

What does this look like applied to the cheeks?

Sadly this is one of those highlighter that is difficult to capture in a 2-dimensional image. You can see a little bit what this highlighter does, but you really have to see this when it moves.

What I love about this highlighter is the fact that it adds enough glow but without it looking too intense while giving high impact shine. Previously, highlighters that were this shiny were quite thick and almost cream light but this has a lightweight texture.

Should you buy the Dior Forever Couture highlighter?

To sum up, this is a great highlighter that I feel has something unique to offer. For one, it made me fall in love with pink toned highlighter again.

Secondly, the formula is beautiful. This lightweight texture that still has a high shine finish is one I haven’t seen before.

Finally, I have never seen a highlighter that is this versatile. You don’t get many highlighters that can be adapted to what your look needs that day.

But is this worth your money? I don’t feel these highlighter shades are super unique and therefore it won’t give you a different look compared to other, much cheaper brands.

I haven’t found any other brand that does a highlighter quite like this, but you can find other pink toned highlighters that are just as pretty. Nabla’s Ozone comes to mind, as does the Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter in Supreme Rose Beam.

What do you think of the Dior Forever Couture highlighter?
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