Catrice Brow Fix review

My thoughts when I saw the Catrice Brow Fix? Not another one! Not sure about you, but I am a bit done with the trend of brow soaps and brow waxes. But I wanted to take one for the team and tested out Catrice’s most recent brow launch for you.

My issue with brow wax and brow soap? It’s messy, it’s a faff to use and I like the result my trusty Essence Make Me Brow gives me just as much.

Review: Catrice Brow Fix Shaping Wax 010 Transparent

One thing is for sure: the Catrice Brow Fix does not break the bank. At €4.95 this is about as affordable as it comes. This should give a natural, volumized effect and it should be able to create any brow look you like.

What does the Brow Fix have to offer?

In the pot you get a white substance that feels very stiff. It’s not as bad as a brow soap that is 100% hard and needs a wet spoolie to scrape anything off. This does need a wet spoolie too but I feel it is more pliable.

This should give a hold to your brows all day and because of the transparent shade it should go with any brow shade you may have. Most of Catrice’s line is also vegan and cruelty free if that is something you are looking for.

How does the Brow Fix apply?

Where most brow soaps will not swatch you can see the texture here on the back of my hand. It’s quite shiny! It also felt a little bit sticky which I wasn’t a fan off.

The best way to apply this? With a wet spoolie. I just use a bit of setting spray and then use my spoolie to pick up the product and brush it through my brows.

What is the final result?

How can I say this kindly? I think the before and after I am showing you here tells you all you need to know. This brow wax is NOT a good brow look.

Does it lift my brows and hold them in place? Yes. Does it look natural? Nope. That’s mainly down to the chunky bits of wax that are very visible once you apply them. And no matter how much I brush through, the chunks remain visible.

Should you buy the Catrice Brow Fix?

If you were hoping the Catrice Brow Fix would give you the laminated brow look for less, then I hate to disappoint you but this is not it. This product starts off promising but the main let down is the formula.

The shiny wax clumps together in my brow hairs and it just doesn’t make for a good brow look. Do my brows stay in place all day? Yes. Do they look fluffy and style up? For sure.

But even at this price point, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend a product that makes it look like I have skin flakes stuck to my brow hairs.

What do you think of the Catrice Brow Fix Shaping Wax?
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