Glossier Skin Tint review

The first time I heard of a skin tint? When Glossier launched their Perfecting Skin Tint. For years, this product had been on a wishlist and now I finally got to try it. Is this worth the price point?

When skin tints first hit the scene I was a tad confused. Is it a foundation? Is it a moisturizer? Is this still makeup? I have tried several products labelled as a skin tint so far and based on that experience I feel it is just a new way to market light coverage foundation.

Review: Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint G11

One of the first skin tints I came across was by Glossier and for some reason this was still intriguing me enough to pick it up. At €26 for 30 ml this isn’t overly cheap nor expensiv, but I think that automatically makes this ‘not worth it’ for people as it has very little coverage indeed.

How does this skin tint swatch?

My main reason for being interested in skin tints is because I like a light coverage base product to begin with. I mean, I didn’t wear foundation for years, just a touch of concealer here and there and I was good to go. So I have never understood the need for a full coverage look.

What I prefer in my makeup is a lightweight, dewy coverage that doesn’t accentuate any dry patches and wears well throughout the day. All I expect my foundation product to do is to take down the redness. I still co in with concealer to cover most of that up anyway.

Based on the swatch I was worried about this. This seems to disappear into the skin. As if your skin eats it. This doesn’t really build up nor does it seem to do much at first. However, when you do the rest of your makeup there is a good enough base for the rest of the makeup to work with.

What is the coverage like?

Since this is a foundation like product, we have to see what this does. While it seems to disappear completely when you blend this out, the product does take down my redness to the point where all I need is a bit of concealer.

The overall effect is soft and natural but without the added bulk or coverage of a traditional foundation. This will be a great product if you just want your skin to look a bit more even, not if you need full on coverage to truly cover anything.

So while this looks initially like it won’t do anything, it actually does. The question is: does this product do enough for you? I think this comes down to personal preference. For a lightweight, easy makeup day I say yes. But something more everday I would like a little bit more.

What is the shade match like?

This product is available in 12 shades. G 11 is not the lightest one: there is one lighter shade G12. I feel the shade match is decent.

With a product of such light coverage however, I feel the shade match is a little less important. In my experience, the lighter the coverage, the more adaptable your shade.

In fact, this skin tint is a touch too dark for me. However, when blended down my neck and with the rest of my makeup done this does not make me look like an Oompa Loompa but the effect is great.

Should you buy the Glossier Skin Tint?

While this is a product that I can make work, I can see why not everyone will love this. If you love full coverage, this is not for you.

What I like about it is that it is pretty foolproof in its application. No matter how shoddy of a blend job I do, this still looks okay. I can see myself wearing this on days where I want to wear makeup, but yet I don’t want to spend too much time doing it. In short, a perfect no makeup makeup look.

Do I find this expensive for what it is? Yes. While this is the first skint with that name that I feel lives up it, rather than just being a marketing ploy, I also feel this is a bit overpriced.

Does this feel nice on the skin? Oh yeah, but I feel I still need a good enough skincare routine underneath this product to ensure my skin looks its best before using this.

Moreover the application technique here is best done with fingers or a brush. That may also not be to everyone’s taste.

I will certainly go back to this enough to use it up eventually, but this doesn’t warrant a repurchase.

What is your experience using skin tints?
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