Catrice Eyeshadow Stick review

Eyeshadow sticks can be such quick and easy makeup products to use. My favorites? By Kiko Milano. But when Catrice released their version I had to know: Can Catrice do a good eyeshadow stick? Let’s find out together.

I bought one of these to try from their latest Fall/ Winter 2022 release. It is in the shade 040 Lavender Brown and seems like a good taupe/ cool toned neutral shade.

Review: Catrice Aloe Vera Eyeshadow Stick 040 Lavender Brown

We all know I love my Catrice products for their affordability. While Kiko doesn’t break the bank, Catrice is usually a little less expensive. And at €4.99 this is indeed more affordable than the Kiko which retail for €7.99 a piece.

What does this eyeshadow stick have to offer?

The Catrice Aloe Vera eyeshadow stick is available in 4 shades. The other shades are a gold/ bronze, a rosy pink and an olive green shade. Obviously what appealed to me most was the taupe shade.

Catrice’s makeup line is vegan and cruelty free and this eyeshadow stick promises to be smudge proof and long lasting. The pencil has a narrow tip which means you can use it for precise application so this can be used as eyeshadow all over the lid or you can smudge it along the lash line.

How does this eyeshadow swatch?

The shade Lavender Brown is exactly what I was hoping it to be. Here you can see it in a full on swatch. It is a cooler toned taupe brown with a hint of plum and a little bit of bronze running through it. This couldn’t be more aptly named.

Formula wise the eyeshadow stick feels rich and creamy in its texture. It can be smudged out and worked with if you are quick enough but it will settle down. This will be great as a base under other eyeshadow or as a quick one and done shadow look.

When blended out this sheers out beautifully but you don’t have a lot of play time. So I would suggest applying this one eye at the time. It works as a base layer underneath other shadows as I have done below, but you can build it up and intensify it all by itself.

What does this look like applied to the eyese?

We all know I love my cool tones and this product works really well. Here it is mainly shown along the lower lash line and blended into the crease. I later tapped a bit of a different taupe shimmer onto the center of the lid to complete the look.

When blended out I feel the plum undertone is more visible than when you apply this full on. This means it is an adaptable shade that can be worn in my ways and is thus quite versatile.

Should you buy the Catrice eyeshadow stick?

If your jam is all things quick and easy than the Catrice eyeshadow stick is definitely one I would recommend. This product is perfect for the lovers of one and done eyeshadow.

However, if you want more impact and intensity this may not be your type of product. It can be great as a layer as well though and I think this product is a great example of good makeup don’t having to break the bank.

Do you have a favorite eyeshadow stick formula?
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