Reviewing & ranking 10 foundations

2022 was a year of foundation for me! I tried a lot and am still in the midst of testing out some more. I like all 10 of the foundations I am featuring today, but if I had to rank these, this is what my ranking would look like.

Today’s video features 11 foundations and I am ranking 10. Some of these are drugstore, some of these are high end. It may be good to know that I have fair skin that is dry/ dehydrated and I am in my late 30s. You can find reviews up for all of these right here on the blog! Just use the search bar on the home page.

Ranking 10 foundations I tried in 2022 // Roundup review of recommendations for fair, dry, mature skin drugstore & high end

Mentioned in the video:

Shop my top 10 favorite foundations by clicking here.

What was the best foundation you tried this year?
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