Custom Eyeshadow Palette January 2023

In recent months my custom singles eyeshadow palette videos have not been the way I had intended. I had some new in singles to try out and so I focused on that first.

Last month I was trying out my Glamshop singles, but now that it’s 2023 I’m going back to my roots and I will be building a new custom eyeshadow palette.

If you click the video below to watch it on Youtube and/ or you watch the video. You will also be able to find a little Easter egg inside. Hint: I hope you are up to the challenge!

Custom Eyeshadow Palette January 2023 // Glamshop singles review, building a new palette + a surprise announcement

What singles would you like me to feature next? Definitely check out my video on Youtube and check out how you can influence what my next singles palette looks like!
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