The Saem Prism Light highlighter review

You know how you have these stunning looking makeup products, and then you just don’t wear them? That’s what happened to me with this cute number of a highlighter. Therefore it was high time to test out The Saem Prism highlighter in Baby Berry Beam.

This k-beauty product is one that just got lost in the shuffle. And now that I have used it enough to review it I know exactly why. Not because I don’t like this, but because I had predicted I wouldn’t like this. Boy was I wrong.

Review: The Saem Prism Light highlighter Baby Berry Beam

I buy most of my K-beauty products through Yesstyle. Their stock can be a bit wishy washy though but it’s been my go to whenever I want to try some more K-beauty product. This highlighter by The Saem retails for €9.75, which is quite affordable by any means.

What does this highlighter have to offer?

I can’t find much information on this product other than that it has gone down in price since I bought it. It also comes in three shades of which this one appealed to me the most.

The color is described as a gold pink, but I feel that doesn’t do it justice and is exactly why I didn’t use this more. It definitely looks like a strong baby pink with a gold flash in the pan and in a full on swatch, but I feel this truly comes alive when you apply it to the cheeks.

How does this highlighter swatch?

In terms of formula this is described as a creamy texture, but it’s certainly a traditional powder highlight. However, it has the payoff of a cream.

This goes on intense, but this truly comes to life when you sheer it out. It is the most beautiful warm pink flash that is surprisingly more wearable than it looks.

What does this look like on the cheeks?

The struggle is real trying to show in pictures what a highlighter looks like on the face. So you’re going to have to take my word for it (and watch some of my videos this month) to know: this looks stunning on the face.

When applied with a brush this sheers out beautifully and it gives the perfect amount of a warm but pink glow. So I would say this is cool and warm in its undertone at the same time. And that makes The Saem Prism highlighter incredibly versatile.

Should you buy the Saem Prism highlighter?

To me, the Saem Prism Light highlighter in Baby Berry Beam was a surprise hit. Now I did just finish filming some videos for you that should go up in February and I do think this shade isn’t wholly unique in my collection.

That said, this is a stunning product at a sweet price point. It has a beautiful shine and at under €10 this is also quite affordable. The other two shades available are more warm toned options and one shade is even lighter than this one.

Do you need this in your life? Only you can be the judge of that, but in the end I feel that if you were to decide to buy this, you would not be disappointed. I could stare at that swatch all day.

What is a highlighter that surprised you?
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