Rare Beauty Liquid Touch concealer review

If you know anything about me, you’ll know about my love for all things Rare Beauty. I have been loving a lot from the line, but I hadn’t yet tried the Liquid Touch concealer enough. So I put it in a Shop My Stash and now I can give you my thoughts.

I have mine in 160C which is a shade described as a light shade with cool pink undertones. It is a spot on shade, but the formula, sadly isn’t quite right for me. Let met explain why the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch concealer is not my favorite.

Review: Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Brightening concealer 160C

At €22 this concealer isn’t the most expensive but also not the least expensive. Still at this price point I do expect my concealers to be better than average.

Funnily enough some of my all time favorite concealers are €5 ones from the drugstore.

I usually feel a little bit underwhelmed by most concealers that are more expensive as a result from that.

What does this concealer have to offer?

Rare Beauty claims this concealer is a lightweight, hydrating concealer with buildable coverage that should brighten the face and leave a radiant finish.

So my expectation for this was that it would be a slightly dewy, light coverage concealer that is easy to blend and looks natural on the skin.

Unfortunately that is not my experience using this. It is beautiful on some parts of my face, but on my under eye I find it a bit too thick and difficult to blend. Let me unpack.

How does this concealer swatch?

This concealer looks beautiful in a swatch. The shade is spot on and perfectly for my skin tone. It is a bit lighter than most concealer I have used, but then again, most concealers are simply too dark.

When blended out on the back of my hand, this looks to be a satin finish product that looks very pretty on. However, on my face, I had less success with this.

I feel this is a bit too thick to blend with a brush, it accentuates fine lines and dry patches and I feel it is easily overapplied.

What does this look like on the face?

Here you can see what it looks like on. It is a bit patchy because I struggle to blend it in. I usually use my fingers to tap it in to get that natural look I got in the swatch.

On my under eye this is a touch too heavy for my needs. It is quite full coverage and you can see where I struggled to blend this along the lower lash line.

I feel this concealer makes me look older and a little goes a long way. Can I make this work? For sure, but I have tried less expensive concealers that are easier to use.

Should you buy the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch concealer?

This concealer does tick a few boxes for me. The shade match is spot on and I love what this looks like on the larger areas of my face where I use concealer to camouflage redness.

It is on my under eyes and around my nose where this product lets me down. It is just a little bit too much for what I need. Within a few hours, the concealer bunches up around my nose and pulls into fine lines.

That doesn’t mean this is a bad product. It just isn’t great for my dry/ dehydrated skin that is more mature. On my late 30s skin this does a lot of things that I don’t want it to do.

However, if you’re in your 20s, have less texture, and you need a concealer that will match your skin tone (it comes in nearly 50 shades!) this is a great one to try. If you have dry skin and struggle with texture in your skin, this may not be worth it.

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