Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Scarlet Spell review

You know those reds that are deeper than a classic red, but that aren’t quite a berry? No? Well no surprise, because they are incredibly hard to find.

And I was hoping Charlotte Tilbury’s Scarlet Spell would be one of those perfect darker reds. Let’s find out together whether it is.

I have owned this for a while and now it seems to have been discontinued. So sorry if this is one you’d be interested in, but I wasn’t aware this had been part of a limited edition release.

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Scarlet Spell lipstick

As with any Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, this one retailed for €32. The Matte Revolution line by the brand is my favorite one they offer. This shade is described as a winter berry but the name combined with the swatches made me suspect this to be nothing but a deep red with a hint of plum.

What does this lipstick have to offer?

If you’re looking for a good matte lipstick, then there are only a few formulas I really rate highly. The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution line is one of them.

This line still holds up even if I may have found other favorite matte lipsticks, but it comes in a wide range of shades and it has one of my all time favorite reds in it: Red Carpet Red.

What does this lipstick swatch like?

I think the shade description ‘winter berry’ is pretty spot on. In the swatch you can see that hint of plum coming through. This goes on opaque with one swipe and while this is matte, this is not uncomfortable.

One thing I always appreciated about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks was how easy they are to wear. They have a matte finish, but aren’t drying and they last all day.

You can pop this on at the start of a workday and it will still be there by the time 5 PM rolls around. A touch up to keep it looking fresh is recommended if you eat a messy lunch though.

What does this look like on the lips?

As berry as this looks in a swatch, on my lips, it pulls more like a red. And this is something I have found happening to me with other Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. Online they look very dark and vampy and on me, they look more like a deeper red.

It’s almost as if the undertone of this is completely cancelled out by my natural lip color. I still think this is stunning though but it does look different from what I thought it would look like.

Is it a good deeper red though? For sure and that’s how I have been wearing this one.

Should you buy the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Scarlet Spell?

I can be very short and sweet about that: no, because this is no longer available. Since this was limited edition, I don’t think this is one you should go hunt down and buy.

Yes this is pretty and that lipstick embossing on the bullet makes this very collectable indeed.

Where I had expected this to be a deep vampy berry, I came out with a deeper, more saturated red. Very pretty and great for winter with lighter makeup and my pale skin for sure.

I will definitely be getting more use out of this one, but it is not wholly unique in my collection either. If you missed out on this one, I don’t think it mattered all that much.

What is a limited edition product you missed out on that you did want to buy?
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