All time favorite makeup brushes

Lately I got many questions about what makeup brushes I like to use. And since I have a core set of favorites that I use on the daily, I figured: why not show them?

Brushes are quite possibly the best investment for your makeup collection. You can buy all the lovely blush, eyeshadow and foundations you like but if you don’t apply them in the correct way it will be a waste of money.

Many of my brushes I have had for years. My go to brands: Sigma & Zoeva, with a sprinkle of MAC, Real Techniques, Spectrum and Rephr. I am currently testing out the BK Beauty brushes that I got for Black Friday and I should have that review up in early February.

Favorite makeup brushes // These are the eye & brushes I love to use on to apply my makeup (hooded & deepset eyes)

Mentioned in the video:

Eye brushes

You can buy some of my favorite brushes here *.

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What are your favorite brushes?
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