MAC Extra Dimension Blush Rosy Cheeks review

You may be looking at this shade and think: Maaike, will this work on your fair skin? Let me tell you: it does. The vibrant magenta shade of the MAC Extra Dimension blush in Rosy Cheeks actually works perfectly.

And you know what this works very well for? The cold girl trend. So if you were looking for a great blush shade to give you that fresh in from the cold look, then definitely look into this.

Review: MAC Extra Dimension blush Rosy Cheeks

This blush retails for €29.50 and is available in a bunch of shades. I bought this after trying Dilly Dolly from a limited edition and I loved the formula. And I discovered that after trying and loving their Extra Dimension highlighters and eyeshadows. I think overall, it is one of MAC’s better lines.

What does this blush have to offer?

The Extra Dimension blushes are described as lightreflecting and this is definitely a glowy blush, not a flat matte.

The shade is described as a midtone blue fuchsia and that’s why I loved it: I love a cool toned blush and this is something different from what I usually go for.

What does this blush look like in a swatch?

However, when I swatched this I was a bit nervous for it. This shade is quite pigmented and it looks intense in a full on swatch.

This shade seems to be made more so for deeper skin tones. It is also one of the more intense shades in the entire line.

That said, I bought this when I was looking to try something different. One revelation this shade led me to? Deeper or more vibrant shades may look scary in the pan but they often come in cooler undertones than softer shades.

What does this look like on the cheeks?

And the proof is in the pudding: if you use a light hand you can very easily control how much you apply. The result? A super pretty fresh pink flush.

Because of the blue undertone this gives that ‘just in from the cold’ look and therefore I think this is perfect if you want to tap into the cold girl trend.

On my dry skin, this lasts all day without touch ups and the fact that it has a bit of glow means this always looks natural and can be worn with many different makeup looks.

Should you buy the MAC Extra Dimension blush in Rosy Cheeks?

This blush shade may not seem universally flattering and that is a dangerous term to use, but I think this is one of those products that can be. If you have fair skin this will work with a light hand, but it is intense enough to show up on deeper skin tones as well.

Not only does this shade translate well in line with current makeup trends, it is also just a great blush shade. I have worn it all month with different looks and it goes with so much. This is surprisingly versatile.

To me the MAC Extra Dimention blush in Rosy Cheeks was an unexpected favorite. I took a risk going for a shade that I thought may not work for me, but it certainly did.

I love how natural this looks, how flattering it is and how pretty it is. This is a blush I will be loving for a long time. Instant favorite status for sure. And I don’t say that very often.

You can buy the MAC Extra Dimension blush in Rosy Cheeks here *.

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What is an unexpected blush shade that you ended up loving?
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