Reading Wrap Up February 2023

I finished 8 books in 6 weeks which means I finally broke through my reading slump! I don’t think I have read this much in a given time period in years. In fact, I only ready 11 books in all of 2021. So this is definitely an improvement. Let me tell you about my recent reads.

reading wrap up february 2023

I did mainly whizz through some audio books though. 5 of these books I read on audio, but it’s been a great way to start the day. I mainly listen to audiobooks when I get ready in the morning. So I can clock in about an hour of reading while I am having breakfast and do my makeup. I did also read 3 physical copies and one of them is a chunky number, so I feel that definitely slowed down my physical reading pace.

Reading Wrap Up February 2023 // I finished 8 books!

Mentioned in the video:

  • Richard Osman – The Man Who Died Twice (Thursday Murder Club #2)
  • Brandon Sanderson – Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2)
  • Prince Harry – Spare
  • Thijs Launspach – Je Bent Al Genoeg
  • Charlotte Labee – Brain Balance
  • T. Kingfisher – Nettle & Bone
  • Adam Kay – This Is Going to Hurt
  • Dan Jones – Summer of Blood
What is the last book your read?

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