Custom Singles Eyeshadow Palette

Let’s chat about some singles! I feel single eyeshadow is super underrated and I am still trying to get more people to join in on the fun. Which is why this year, my custom singles palette series features an interactive giveaway. You enter your inspiration pictures and get a chance to win something in return. How cool is that?

In the video today I will be showing you what I had selected for jan/ feb. I include looks, swatches and chat to you about the shades. However, we will also be using one of the inspiration pictures already sent in to select some new shades for feb/ march. Hope you enjoy!

Playing with Singles // Reviewing & building a custom singles palette (incl. a giveaway)

Mentioned in the video:

What do you think of my inspiration for the new palette? Would you like to join in on the fun, you can join the giveaway here.
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