Bourjois Tinted Beautfier foundation review

Yes we are still reviewing drugstore foundations and one thing I was surprised to find was a new Bourjois foundation I hadn’t seen before. The Healthy Mix Tinted Beautifier sounded like it could be a skin tint like product and I love those. So let’s get stuck in and review it!

I bought this in the lightest shade available: 001 Fair. This only comes in 6 shades and the shade range is weird. But then again I have always felt like the Healthy Mix shade range has been lacking to say the least. Even my much loved Healthy Mix foundation isn’t great in terms of the shade range but I still wanted to try this. .

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Tinted Beautifier foundation skin tint 001 Fair

Bourjois is a EU drugstore brand and so you may not be able to find this brand everywhere. In the US Lookfantastic seems to stock some items, but not all. I can get this at my local drugstore or Douglas and I heard recently that Bourjois is available again in the UK now.

How does this foundation swatch?

Is it a foundation or a skin tint? This product claims to have some hydrating skincare benefits, but I personally would always recommend you use your skincare routine for that rather than a makeup product.

The texture is thin and hydrating on the skin and quite thin. When I first opened this there was a lot of air pushing product out, so I nearly always would get too much. Now that I have had it for a while and used it, the product no longer comes running out of it and it therefore is easier to dispense the amount I actually need.

When you use too much it may be difficult to get the right amount and that makes the products less easy to blend and streaky. The shade looked quite promising on the back of my hand: it’s nice and light but it does seem to have a yellow undertone.

What is the coverage like?

This being more like a skin tint than the original Bourjois Healthy Mix, I was curious to see how much coverage it would have. You can see here that it covers up my redness quite well. So this is probably more of a light coverage foundation than a true skin tint. That said, I feel this product is a good alternative at the drugstore for a skin tint like product if you can buy it.

What is the shade match like?

Excuse my lack of blending this out but as you can see here it’s really not a bad shade match. Where with the OG Healthy Mix I can see a clear demarcation along my jaw line where the foundation is, this blends in much more seamlessly.

The shade match is pretty good for me in terms of depth, it’s just a hair too yellow toned for me. If this had a more peachy undertone it would have been perfect. Can I get away with this and will it look pretty? For sure! So this will deserve a spot in my makeup collection.

Should you buy the Bourjois Tinted Beautifier?

This is a product that really surprised me in a good way. Having tried the Healthy Mix three times in the past, I wasn’t sure this would be quite right, but I actually prefer this. It looks great on my skin and I prefer the finish over the classic Healthy Mix.

I also love the wear time on this. I can wear this all day and it still looks beautiful. It is glowy without looking greasy and I feel I get plenty of coverage without looking cakey.

The only downside to this? The scent! This has a citrus like scent. It dissipates quickly and you only smell it for a few seconds when you first apply this, but still. I prefer my makeup to be not scented at all. It’s not super strong but this may therefore not be the best for people with super sensitive skin.

On my dry/ dehydrated skin this looks beautiful all day and so I am going to be keeping this in my makeup collection for some time to come. Whether you need it is up to you. With only six shades in the selection this will definitely not be for everyone but if you can find your shade it is a good drugstore foundation that borders on the skin tint trend.

You can buy the Bourjois Healthy Mix Tinted Beautifier here *.

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What do you think of this skin tint buy Bourjois.
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