Essence Baby Got Bronze cream bronzer review

When I did a first impression on the new Essence products for spring/ summer 2023, I was surprised. In a good way! Because there were some stunning products in that collection and today I am reviewing another one: the Baby Got Bronze cream bronzer stick.

It may be good to know that Essence has a full line of cream bronzers and blushs out now. They are styled in a similar way in similar packaging. The packaging reflects the shade inside. Over here, the bronzer just comes in one shade, but in the US this comes in three.

Review: Essence Baby Got Bronze cream bronzer 10 Cinnamon Spice

So yes great news to everyone in the US: this product is already available in the United States. As I was researching for this review, I found that this product is already listed on the official US Essence website for $4.99. In the EU this will set you back €2.95 and it is now available from most retailers that carry the Essence brand.

What does this bronzer have to offer?

This product being Essence I have to say the packaging is not the best. This is a twist up stick, but the plastic component feels cheap like it might break soon. The stick itself feels fine but because the product doesn’t stay up very well this may become annoying to use over time.

Flimsy packaging aside, this is a good cream bronzer. In terms of texture it greatly reminds me of the Milk Makeup bronzer in Baked. The shades aren’t spot on, but in terms of formula, wear time and ease of application I feel these are quite similar. I recently repurchased a mini of the Milk Makeup, which retails for 4x the price of the Essence.

What does this product swatch like?

The Essence Baby Got Bronze cream bronzer is a great one for everyday wear. The texture is soft and blendable and the shade is actually pretty good for my fair skin. It has a slight yellow undertone and I love it when bronzers have a yellow undertone. Those always look the most natural on my complexion with a cool to neutral undertone.

What does this bronzer look like on the face?

Here you can see what I mean. The bronzer is very natural on, blends easily and gives the right amount of warmth to the face. The way I like to use it is not straight from the stick though. I feel most stick creams are better if you warm them up first.

So what I like to do is warm up the product on the back of my hand and then use a brush to pick up the product and apply. I feel that way is the best for getting a natural result that looks flawless all day.

Should you buy the Essence Baby Got Bronze cream bronzer?

Overall, I think this is a solid drugstore bronzer. It is good, comparable to high end in terms of product performance, but packaging is severly lacking. Therefore it all depends on personal preference.

If you want your packaging to not feel like it might fall apart any second, this is not for you. However, if you are looking for a steal in terms of a cream bronzer then I think the Essence one is a great affordable alternative to some higher end options.

In short, buy this if you want to try it, I think it will be a safe bet and if you are the US remember: you get 2 additional shades so it will be accessible for more people as well. Hope this review was helpful! Stay tuned for more as I currently am testing out more of the new Essence spring/ summer 2023 collection.

You can buy the Essence Baby Got Bronze bronzer here if you are in the EU and here if you are in the US *.

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What is your take on the Essence Baby Got Bronze cream bronzing stick?
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