RMS Beauty Uncoverup concealer review

So I finally caved and bought myself some RMS Beauty bits. This brand had been on my wishlist ever since I saw their Living Luminizer making the beauty scene rounds years ago. However, the brand was a bit difficult to find and so I never got around to trying them. And then I stumbled upon them at French Sephora and picked up a kit and this concealer. So let’s test it.

The Un Cover-up concealer is one that wasn’t on my wishlist specifically but knowing the aesthetic of the brand to be natural yet effective makeup products, I really wanted to try it. The brand is also aimed at creating products that are better for your skin and with my dry/ dehydrated skin that can be quite sensitive, it sounded like something my skin just needs.

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This potted concealer comes with 5.5 grams of product and sets you back €42. So this is not a cheap brand. And that is why I initially passed up on trying them. Only being able to find them online made me hesitant to try it. But then I found the brand at French Sephora and there are now other places that stock the brand which is great news. So this has become more widely available.

What does this concealer have to offer?

This concealer is a concealer and yet it is not. It has great pigmentation, yet it is natural at the same time. So it is lightweight, yet has great coverage at the same time. To me, that sounded like it would give me the best of both worlds. Additionally it includes ingredients that should keep things hydrated, making this perfect for the under eye area without it looking dry or cakey.

How does this concealer swatch?

Shade 00 was the lightest shade I could find in store, but there is one lighter shade and in total you can buy it in 16 shades, which is pretty decent. At first I was afraid this shade might be too dark and yellow for me, but actually in terms of coverage and shade this is a great match for me. It corrects, conceals and still looks great on the skin even after a long day of wear.

What does this concealer look like on the skin?

Not yet convinced? Here you can see what this concealer does for my face. I am not a heavy concealer user. I just plop some on my t-zone, red cheeks and my under eye area. And you can just see how well this covers things up, yet still looks natural. It covers, but without being cakey. But the best part? It’s longwearing but never creases or looks dry and obvious throughout the day. It wears well and stays looking nice all day.

Should you buy the RMS Beauty Un Cover Up concealer?

I feel very happy with this RMS beauty concealer. It is everything I love in a concealer and then some. The texture feels great, looks great and wears well throughout the day.

There are two minor downsides to this product. Firstly, since this comes in a pot, it is not super hygienic. I have just been using my fingers to apply it and then blend it in with a brush. You can of course use a brush as well to pick up the product, but I have found that after swatching this for the time, a film has developed over the top and I need the warmth of my finger to break through it to be able to use the product.

The second minor downside is the shade. While it looks very natural on the skin, I feel the line runs quite yellow toned, which is just not great for people with different undertones. In my case, I feel the yellow undertone of the product helps with covering things up as it is great for cancelling out the discoloration in my skin. However, I know that for some people pink tones or peachy tones are much better concealer shades and then this line may not give you what you need.

Overall, I think this is a solid concealer that definitely does a bit more than most concealers. I feel this stays creamy all day, yet doesn’t crease nor does it accentuate fine lines or dry patches. It looks super natural, while giving good coverage and so it definitely balances everything out for me. This can be especially nice if you are in your 30s or 40s and your skin just needs a bit more than it used to.

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