Numbuzin Base-Skip Tone Up Beige review

Is it skincare? No. Is it a primer? No. Is it a foundation? Not quite. What is it? Well it is all of those things. When I was shopping around for some K-beauty base products to try I found that they are currently revolutionizing what a base product can do. Why do we need three before our foundation goes on if we can use just one? Let’s test out the Numbuzin Porcelain Bake-skip Tone Up Beige with SPF 50.

My reason for wanting to try this was multifold. I love a lightweight base especially in the summer time. Next to that my skin is pretty dry and dehydrated so I love it if my base product has some better for my skin properties as well. So if I can treat my skin while covering up my redness I am game and this stuff delivers!

Review: Numbuzin Base-Skip Tone Up Beige No. 3 Porcelain

Whenever I want to try K-beauty I always check out Yesstyle. This post is not sponsored, but it is just my go to. They have a great range at a good price point and they do many sales. They also have a rewards programme that allows you to use discounts and towards money off AND their shipping is not too horrible. So a win-win in my book. At full price this retails for €18.90 but it is now on sale at €12.30.

What does this product have to offer?

So here you can see the Numbuzin Tone Up Beige in a swatch. This product is marketed as a buildable foundation with an SPF 50 but it also blurs pores and evens out your skin tone. It also contains cica and tea tree, treating your skin at the same time.

What makes this so revolutionary is the fact that you really don’t notice you are wearing makeup. The brand therefore calls this ‘foundation free’ makeup. This feels so lightweight that it really gives you that barey there feeling. It blends in beautifully, lasts all day and this shade is amazing for my skin tone. The shade should be adjusting to your natural undertone, but I don’t think this will work for deeper skin tones.

How does this product perform?

So when it comes to how this performs I have been loving using this. As you can see here it makes light work of covering up my redness and I like that very light weight look. All I need is a bit of concealer on my dark circles and the center of my face and the result is a flawless finish.

One thing I have to point out is that this smells quite strongly of tea tree. And while tea tree is great if you have blemishes and helping with that it can also be an irritant for sensitive skin. So I haven’t been able to use this every day. My skin can be quite reactive to tea tree if I use it too often so I love this for no makeup makeup days, but it’s not something I can use on the daily.

What is the shade match like?

The brand promises that this shade will work for many different skin tones, but I don’t think it will work for everyone. They do have a green toned corrector like product as well but in terms of a base product this doesn’t come in any other shades which is a shame. For me, it’s spot on. This doesn’t make me look very pale, it covers everything I need to cover and it looks super natural.

Should you buy the Numbuzin Base-Skip Tone Up Beige?

I think this is a very promising type of product that I hope will make the crossover to the Western makeup trends. If this would come in more shades, this product would be a great one stop shop for the daily makeup user that doesn’t have much time for sitting down and doing a full face of makeup. You can apply this with a brush or fingers and it is a great product to get your base done quickly.

While I don’t love the scent, I do think the product works very well. I have felt I can use this with or without primer and it still looks just as great. I still like going in with my skincare routine before using this, but it certainly sin’t as drying as other base products can be. It feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all and it is a great product that can work with very many people.

So should you buy this? I think this is worth a shot because even if it does crossover it will probably be marked up and cost double the price point. While K-beauty isn’t cheap, I feel it does always offer great value for money. Even at the higher price point I think this product is worth it and if you think it matches your skin tone, this is worth a shot.

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