Kiko Ultimate Glow highlighter review

For years I have raved about Kiko Milano making one of my all time favorite highlighter. The Glow Fusion highlighter is quite possibly the most perfect lit from within highlighter I have ever tried. So when I spotted the Ultimate Glow highlighter I couldn’t help but wonder: is this as good as my beloved Glow Fusion?

The answer to that question is yes and no. This is a very pretty highlighter but I don’t think it quite beats my love for the Glow Fusion. So let me explain the pros and cons of the Kiko Milano Ultimate Glow highlighter.

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My first reason for preferring the Glow Fusion is the price point. This highlighter is quite a bit more expensive. You do get more product but since I have had my Glow Fusion for years and have yet to hit pan, I really don’t need the extra product. At €16.99 this is also quite expensive for a Kiko product. Luckily Kiko does do regular sales so you won’t have to pay full price for this at all.

What does this product have to offer?

Kiko promises that this highlighter gives a natural glow effect. It is available in three shades but at the moment I can only find shade 3. I hope they bring the other two back. Shade 1 seemed to be a light shampagne, shade 3 is a bronze and shade 2 which is what we are reviewing today is a peachy coral.

The texture of this product is also quite unique. It feels silky smooth and in the pan it doesn’t look shimmery at all. This is extremely finely milled and it applies incredibly seamlessly. I was afraid this shade might be too dark for me when I bought it, but I have found it works really well.

How does this highlighter swatch?

Capturing this on camera was incredibly difficult. Most highlighters are but this being free of all shimmer or glitter particles really made it challenging to capture its beauty. It has a very smooth texture that has a natural but still visible glow. The shade is perfect: not too dark, as it doesn’t leave a cast but with the right amount of warmth to prevent it from looking too icy.

What does this highlighter look like on the face?

The best part of this highlighter is what it looks like on the face. It is the most perfect peachy highlighter for my skin tone. I have explained in the past how I love peach toned highlighter on myself. I have a neutral undertone, meaning if things are too warm it can look off but also if things are super cool toned it can look too stark. Peach highlighters therefore suit me very well as they balance pink and orange and give me the best of both worlds that looks like it is my skin much more than a more champagne or pink toned highlighter.

Should you buy the Kiko Milano Ultimate Glow highlighter?

With the Ultimate Glow highlighter Kiko has managed to improve on an already excellent product. The Glow Fusion is still available too but I do think this version of their highlighter in the silver packaging feels just a touch more luxurious. Another great Kiko product that gives you a high end experience at a drugstore price point.

That said, the increased price point compared to the Glow Fusion is not necessarily worth it to me. I wish they had made this smaller and offer it for a lower price than this larger pan that I know I won’t get through before it expires. However, if you are someone who uses just one highlighter this can be a great one. With three shades available you will get a lot of bang for your buck.

So is this worth it? It most certainly is and I am very happy to have bought this. It is currently in my Shop My Stash and I know I will get a lot of use out of it.

You can buy the Kiko Milano Ultimate Glow highlighter here *.

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What is your favorite Kiko Milano highlighter?
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