ZARA Cardamom fragrance review

So far I have reviewed two of my ZARA fragrances for you: Amber & Fig Cashmere and Red Temptation. Those weren’t the first two ZARA perfumes I got though. In fact, what kicked off my wish to try more ZARA fragrance was Cardamom: a unisex, green fragrance that I found in their online sale.

Sadly this is no longer available, but I cannot help but review fragrances that kicked off my wish to try more from such an affordable fragrance brand. ZARA perfume is known for duping more famous and much more expensive numbers while they also do some decent scents in their own respect. This is one of those more unique things the line had to offer and I am sad to say it is gone.

Perfume review: ZARA Cardamom

What appealed to me originally was the fact that this was described as a green scent. I bought this when I knew I wanted to try things that smelled more fresh and green/ earthy rather than sweet. This is a spiced up version of a green scent though: the cardamom adds a warmth to this otherwise very green scent.

I understand why they would label this gender neutral: this isn’t overly masculine nor is it hyperfeminine (but who cares about labels these days?). I feel everyone can wear anything they like if they find something they think smells good on them. Branding and marketing really doesn’t matter and this fragrance with its clear, simple design definitely doesn’t get in the way of that.

Because you can no longer buy this, I will keep this short and sweet. The fragrance notes also are. According to Fragrantica this features cardamom, tea and green notes in this. As far as affordable fragrance goes this lasts a good few hours on me. It stays put nicely, is a great pick for spring and I love the way this smells after it develops. On me, it stays smelling fresh and green.

As far as ZARA fragrances go, there is a reason why this one kicked off me wanting to try so many. I list all my ZARA fragrance in this video, so you know there are quite a few. And this one perfume is responsible for it. I don’t wear it tonnes at the moment but I guess that for spring I will be reaching for it a lot more.

What is your favorite ZARA fragrance?
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