Natascha Denona I Need a Rose lipgloss review

Up until fairly recently I hadn’t tried much by Natascha Denona other than her eyeshadow palettes. So it was about time I branched out and tried some other bits. I got one of the glosses when I was on the hunt for the best lipgloss for me and I was sad to see that Natascha Denona does not make my favorite gloss formula.

It will be no surprise to you then that I have already decided to declutter this. The formula of this was just fine, but the shade was yet another mauve pink (which is my favorite gloss shade but there are only so many you can have right?) and there were a few points about this gloss that just knocked it down a few notches.

Review: Natascha Denona I Need a Rose Lipgloss Daphne

As far as glosses go, this is an expensive one. But what do we expect?! It is a Natascha Denona product and they tend to be marked up in price. At €31 this is also the most expensive lipgloss the brand has to offer. It is available in three shades of pink of which I am showing you Daphne which is described as a mauve pink.

What does this lipgloss have to offer?

My main reason for trying this wasn’t the brand, but the promises! This promised to be a super hydrating formula with a high shine finish that isn’t sticky. It should have a gel like formula with a long wear time. And that sounded like something I might like.

Unfortunately there were a few things I wasn’t loving about this. For one, this has a super strong scent which is not clearly disclosed anywhere. If I had known, I would not have bought this.

How does this lipgloss swatch?

But there is another reason why I ended up not loving this. While this is described as a mauve pink on my lips this sheer pigment formula just wasn’t doing much. I didn’t feel it made my lips look fuller, nor did it add much color. In fact, whether I’d wear a clear gloss or this, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

All in all, I just felt this didn’t do much. If this had been marketed as a liquified lipbalm then I might have understood it better, but I don’t find this glossy enough, it doesn’t have enough pigment and it had that strong scent. Especially at this price point, I just wanted more.

Should you buy the Natascha Denona I Need a Rose lipgloss?

Now just because this wasn’t my favorite product doesn’t mean this isn’t good. I think there is definitely a person out there who this is right for. Perhaps you are looking for something super comfortable than this is for you.

Additionally if you love less pigment, not that much shine and more a lip balm like feel than this is again great for you. Because this does hydrate your lips.

However, if like me you don’t love overly scented products, you want a bit more shine and pigment out of your glosses and you especially want a high end lipgloss to perform like a high end lipgloss than this is not for you. I feel I have better glosses that cost a fraction of this one that I like better.

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What products have you tried from Natascha Denona?
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