Missha Choboyang BB Cream review

In my quest for the best K-beauty BB Cream I knew I had to include one by Missha. I have loved their Perfect Cover BB Cream for years. In fact, it’s THE product that got me into using foundation in the first place. So time for me to try something new!

The reason why I love BB creams is because they are the best of both worlds: makeup + skincare & SPF. My dry/ dehydrated skin loves it! And I love a glowy natural looking base. So this has been a great product for me and now that I am testing out so many different BB creams I am rekindling my love for the humble BB cream.

Review: Missha Choboyang BB Cream no. 17 Bright Beige

The Missha Choboyang BB cream is not super cheap, nor is it super expensive. It is more of a mid range price point, similar to high end drugstore products. It retails for around €20 depending on when and where you get your products. I buy mine from Yesstyle as they have the widest range of K-beauty products available and shipping is prompt and void of any additional fees.

What does this product have to offer?

I already explained that my skin loves a BB cream. The fact that it provides some skincare benefits as well as an SPF combined into a makeup product is exactly what I need to make my skin look glowy, natural and fresh. This product has and SPF of 30, niacinamide (my favorte skincare ingredient) and ginseng root. It should brighten and take care of wrinkles while giving you a flawless base.

What is the coverage like?

The rich, creamy texture of this product makes you forget that it’s a makeup product. It feels more like a moisturizer than anything else and I appreaciate that. As you can see it covers up my redness and leaves my skin looking even yet not makeuppy or cakey. It has a good wear time throughout the day, but I think if you have oilier skin this may be a bit too rich for your liking.

What is the shade match like?

Shade 17 Bright Beige is the lightest of 4 shades available in the Missha Choboyang BB Cream. BB creams are notorious for their limited shade range and the idea seems to be that the shades are adaptable but we all know that that never quite works.

At the time I bought this, shade 17 was the only one available and since I am shade 21 in most other K-beauty bb cream products I was afraid it would be too light. I was surprised to find that this was actually spot on: it’s a good shade match, maybe a touch too yellow but nothing that I can’t correct with bronzer once the rest of my makeup is done.

Should you buy the Missha Choboyang BB Cream?

Of the six or so BB creams I have been testing out these past few months, this is by far my favorite so far. Its rich and creamy texture work well on my dry skin, the shade match is spot on and there is no weird whitening effect going on like some BB creams have.

Additiionally the longevity of the product is great and this stays looking fresh and cake free throughout the day. I love the way this feels on my skin and the added skincare ingredients and SPF are just an added bonus.

If you can find your shade in this, I would highly recommend looking into this. However, with only 4 shades available and this being the lightest shade it may be difficult for you to find your shade match.

You can buy the Missha Choboyang BB Cream here *.

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What is your favorite BB cream?
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