ELF Jelly Pop Glow Stick highlighter review

Are you looking for a good affordable cream highlighter? Then the ELF Jelly Pop highlighter may have just what you need. This cream stick highlighter is easy to use and it gives a natural glow without much of a fuss.

This is one of ELF’s older products but I had yet to try it. When I was looking to do a full face of ELF, I figured this highlighter would be as good as any and in terms of powders they didn’t have much on offer that I hadn’t tried yet. So I went with this cream instead and I ended up really liking it.

Review: ELF Jelly Pop highlighter

The ELF range is quite affordable overall, but in recent years it has gone up in price. Gone are the days when ELF was the one dollar brand (remember that?!) and the most expensive product they sold was going for a fiver. By now, their products have gone way past the €10 mark, especially the more hyped up Charlotte Tilbury dupes. This highlighter is affordable even compared to other ELF products as it retails for under €10.

What does this product have to offer?

Sadly this highlighter only comes in one shade but it is a very pretty one. It has a sheer formula but with a lot of glow. It is essentially a gold, but it has a peachy pink glow to it in certain lighting making it work for almost everyone. On top of that it sheers out beautifully and once applied the yellow tone virtually disappears.

What does this highlighter look like in a swatch?

Here you can see some of that iridescent quality. In a full on swatch you can see the glow very well. It has a pleasant formula that is best applied with fingers. It has a bit of a tacky feel at first but it disappears quickly if you layer your other cheek products on top. On top of that this plays beautifully with blushes as it makes it look like it is part of your blush rather than wearing a heavy highlighter.

What does this look like on the face?

Capturing a highlighter is always difficult on camera, but I did wear this in some recent videos I filmed which shows you exactly how pretty this is. Here you can see it a little bit but I feel this highlighter is best shown off with blush on top. By itself it actually looks like it’s nothing there, but that’s exactly why this is so pretty.

Should you buy the ELF Jelly Pop highlighter?

If you are looking for the best sheer highlighter that gives a natural glow, is easy to apply and has good wear time than the ELF Jelly Pop highlighter is a great choice. It is not super expensive, on par with higher end options that give a similar effect and I love how this looks in combination with certain blushes as it really brings the glow out.

In terms of sheer highlighters that just give you the prettiest natural look, this is one of the best options out there. It is on par with the Glossier Haloscope that is one of my all time favorite stick highlighters. But this is not only more affordable, it is also easier to find. So if you have ever wanted to try the look of the Glossier for less, then this is worth a shot.

You can buy the ELF Jelly Pop highlighter here *.

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