Rare Beauty liquid highlighter review

My love for Rare Beauty makeup products has been well documented over here as well as on my Youtube channel. I have reviewed several products already, but to my surprise I had not yet gotten around to reviewing the Positive Light Liquid Luminizer in Mesmerize. Time to change that!

I first tried this liquid highlighter for a full face of Rare Beauty that I really wanted to do. Rare Beauty as a brand goes perfectly with my makeup aesthetics: effortless, easy to do makeup that looks great in all situations, but still looks natural. That said, I would love to test out their new highlighter but that has been out of stock pretty much since it launched. Hopefully in the future!

Review: Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer in Mesmerize

Rare Beauty is a brand that is a bit difficult to get a hold of for me. Not because of stock issues, but because the brand isn’t sold where I live. So I have purchased all my Rare Beauty products through French Sephora or Space NK, mostly during trips I took in the past year to Paris and London. If you have better access, that’s a bonus point, but to me it is still worth it. At €25 this highlighter isn’t the cheapest, but you get a tonne of product so it will last forever.

What does this product have to offer?

I just mentioned you get a lot of product: close to 15mls to be exact. That is a lot of highlighter as more will only give you around 7 grams of product. But that’s not all, it also comes in 8 shades so you can find something for every skin tone. On top of that, this highlighter is a product that you only need a little of to get the full effect, so this will last you a life time. It has great intuitive packaging and I love how the amount of product that is stuck in the little well on the doe foot applicator is exactly the amount you need to highlight your face.

What does this product look like in a swatch?

The shade mesmerize is described by the brand as a rose bronze, but I would say it is a peach. Ever since I found out that a peach toned highlighter is best on my neutral to cool toned skin tone, I have been wanting to try more. Peach toned highlighters have the best of both worlds: they have the pink undertone for the highlight but a bit of warmth in the orange to help it blend into my skin seamlessly. This product is no different.

What does this highlighter look like on the face?

As mentioned, a little goes a long way with this one. It is super easy to blend: all you need is fingers but a brush or makeup sponge works just as well. I personally just apply a bit to the back of my hand and dip my middle finger into it. That I then transfer to my other finger and I have enough to get a super intense highlighter that still looks natural on the skin. This blends in seamlessly, lasts all day and can be worn both under, over or without foundation.

Should you buy the Rare Beauty liquid highlighter?

This is personally one of my favorite products by the brand. I love how intuitive it is to use and it is foolproof every time. I have had it in my shop my stash several times and I have no regrets selecting it again for this month. Such a great summer staple and in a pinch you can even pat some onto the lids for an easy eye look. So not only is this product pretty, it is versatile as well.

Should you run out to get this though? I don’t think that is necessary for any makeup products, but if you want to try a great liquid highlighter that gives you lots of value for money then the Rare Beauty liquid highlighter is one that certainly delivers.

You can buy the Rare Beauty liquid highlighter here *.

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What is your favorite liquid highlighter?
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