Battle of the Purple Palettes

I love a good purple! It is quite possibly one of my favorite colors to wear as eyeshadow. Which means I have a couple of purple palettes in my makeup collection. I selected four to compare and contrast to put them up in a palette battle and determine once and for all: what is the best purple eyeshadow palette?

The four purple palettes I have are the Menagerie Flight Club, Viseart Violette Étendu, Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet and the BH Cosmetics Passion in Paris. A nice blend of things in terms of availability, price point and quality. So depending on what you are looking for either one of these four palettes will be right for you.

Battle of the Purple palettes // What is the best purple eyeshadow palette?

Mentioned in the video:

What is your favorite purple palette?
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