Essence Luminous Eye Tint review

Don’t we all just love a good one and done eyeshadow? And even better when we can find it at an affordable price point! Have I got news for you! Because Essence has released a line of liquid eyeshadows that does just that and the shade shimmering taupe is as perfect as you can imagine. Let’s review it!

So if you follow me on Youtube you will have heard me raving about this product already in several of my videos. I think this is one of the best products to come out of the Essence Spring/ Summer 2023 release for sure so let me rave about why I love this product.

Review: Essence Luminous Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow 03 Shimmering Taupe

This being Essence, we have to comment on the price point. At just €3.69 this is one of the most affordable one and done eyeshadows on the market. It comes in three shades, but of course I had to try the taupe shade. Because I have to stay on brand! It is available in most countries in the EU and some EU based online retailes like Lyko will ship internationally if you don’t want to wait for this to come to your country.

What does this product have to offer?

So I bought this to try as part of the bi-annual Essence collection changeover, not expecting much of anything really. Because Essence can be hit or miss and their eyeshadows are usually not my favorite. I like them alright, but it’s just not my favorite product.

Boy was I in for a surprise when I tried this! First of all the swatch is insane! The color is stunning and the packaging is easy to use. I love the little doe foot and the skinny tube. It is easy to store and the product is great for travel as you can easily chuck it into any makeup bag.

What does this look like in a swatch?

You can clearly see how shiny this is when it is first applied. However, I do not recommend applying it this thickly. While you’ll use a bit of the impact, if you want the product to last, you’re gonna have to go in sheer layers that you build up.

My favorite way to wear it is as a sheer wash of color shown on the right. That way you get more taupe and a little less shine but it does make the shadow last longer. If you apply it full on as on the left, the product will crease. So I would recommend applying one dot at a time, blend it out and apply more as desired for the most longlasting result.

What does this look like on the eyes?

Let me start off by saying that I feel these pictures don’t do the product justice. It is a stunning taupe shade and I just apply a dot and blend it out, buff out the edges with a smudger brush and I am good to go! Great for travel, easy to use and if you are a makeup novice and you don’t have any brushes you can just use fingers and you’ll get a great result.

Here I just applied one dot and as you can see, one dot is enough to cover my entire lid in a sheer layer of color. Just pop on another dot for extra intensity and you’re good to go.

Should you buy the Essence Luminous Eye Tint?

You know me: I never tell you to buy anything. That is totally up to you. But if there is one product that is new in 2023 that I have fallend in love with it would be this one. So if I could only give you one recommendation this year: make it this one!

It’s affordable, it lasts all day (if you don’t apply it too thickly and prime your lids!) and the shade is stunning. Will it have the impact like you see in the full on swatch? No, but this dries down, makes for such a lovely quick easy eye look with no effort at all, that I just cannot say enough good things about it. Get it if you are looking for a great, affordable liquid eyeshadow option that competes with high end.

You can buy the Essence Luminous Eye Tint here *.

What is your favorite one and done eyeshadow?
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