Charlotte Tilbury Cream Bronzer review

I am finally reviewing the Charlotte Tilbury cream bronzer! I say finally because I bought this thing months ago in the Black Friday sales and completely forgot I even owned it, let alone that I hadn’t yet reviewed it. So what do I think? Spoiler alert: this may be my favorite Charlotte Tilbury bronzer to date.

This cream bronzer was all the hype last year when it launched. I have tried several Charlotte Tilbury bronzers in the past: Filmstar Bronze & Glow, Airbrush Bronzer and the Contour wand. Of those, the Filmstar Bronze & Glow is my favorite. The Airbrush was too muddy on me and the contour wand is too red. Will the brand finally get the shade right in the cream bronzer?

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow cream bronzer 1 Fair

At €52 this bronzer costs a sweet penny, but then again Charlotte Tilbury products don’t come cheap. It does come with a whopping 21 grams of product and it is big enough that if you want to use it to bronze up the body, you can. It comes in just 4 shades which is less than other brands do. For deeper skin tones I don’t think the darkest option will work.

What does this bronzer have to offer?

So after trying three bronzer type products by the brand and being disappointed with two of them, I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. The undertones in Charlotte Tilbury are mostly warm toned and my cool to neutral toned skin often doesn’t look the best in many of the products. Sure, I can get away with it, but it’s not perfect and at this price point I need perfection.

Not only is this a bronzer, but it should also help blur and hydrate the skin. That claim puzzled me as I only apply my bronzer in a few spots on my face. So why would it need to blur and hydrate just there? In any case it should be longlasting even on hot summer days. So that would be a plus as we are currently experiencing mini heatwaves in The Netherlands.

How does this product swatch?

Right of the bat I could tell that this would be different from the other Charlotte Tilbury bronzers I have tried. Yes it has a yellow undertone but I actually like yellow undertoned bronzers on myself so that was promising. Secondly there is the formula. This feels very silky yet blendable and it indeed stays put.

What does this product look like on the skin?

As you can see here, this is a good bronzer shade for me. It nicely warms up my face, but I have to be careful not to overdo it. I only need to tap my brush into the product once to get the desired effect. The texture feels amazing on the skin, it blends out easily without lifting up my base makeup and it indeed lasts all day. For a cream bronzer, that is no ill feat, so I have to give the product props on that.

Should you buy the Charlotte Tilbury cream bronzer?

Honestly, I think this is way overpriced for what you get. I far prefer my Rare Beauty bronzer. I find that one easier to use and it comes in more shades and it is nearly half the price of this. Yes you get a lot of product, but I don’t think you could use this up before it expires even with daily use.

Because a little goes a long way, I feel I would have to use this all over my body to really use it up and that’s not something I am likely to do. Yes I love a good bronzer but this is just bit too much. Does it have a lovely formula? Yes I think it does, but I think there are other cream bronzers on the market that are cheaper and are just as good.

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