Rare Beauty Worthy lipstick review

My love for Rare Beauty is well-documented on this space. I have tried nearly a full face of products by the brand and I am excited for every release they decide to come out with. So when I found out the brand would be coming out with lipsticks, I knew I had to try it. I bought one shade: Worthy. Here’s my review.

Products I have tried and loved by Rare Beauty are: the Melting blush, the cream bronzer and the tinted moisturizer. Sadly the brand is a bit difficult for me to get a hold of but things are slowly improving. This does mean I am always a bit behind on the times though and I have not yet tried any of the newer releases.

Review: Rare Beauty Kind Words Lipstick in Worthy

One of the reasons why Rare Beauty appeals to me is because it is a more high end brand but the prices are on the lower end for most high end brands. For instance, this lipstick retails for €23. While that isn’t exactly cheap, I definitely have more expensive lipsticks in my overall makeup collection. I bought mine from Space NK, but the brand is also for sale at Sephora, which is where you can most easily find Rare Beauty.

What does this lipstick have to offer?

My love for Rare Beauty stems from the fact that it goes with that perfect no makeup makeup vibe that I love. It’s not overly glam, yet the products in the line are impactful and the packaging is stunning to boot. I find the brand well worth the money if you compare how much the products cost and what you get in return. But no brand is perfect of course, and this lipstick just didn’t tick all of the boxes for me. Here’s why.

What is the shade like?

First of all, Rare Beauty launches sell out quickly. Worthy was one of the few colors still available but when I looked at the sample shades it was also the only shade that remotely appealed to me. And that is where this lipstick goes wrong for me. While I love the formula (more about that below), I just didn’t like any of the shades. They were all very warm toned and brown leaning. Worthy is described as a mauve, but on me it just doesn’t look quite right.

What does this lipstick look like in a swatch?

As you can see the lipstick looks opaque in a swatch, but it also looks very brown. In some lights in can look a bit pink leaning but sadly once I apply this on my lips that cooler undertone disappears completely and it looks super brown. To me it reminds me a lot of MAC Velvet Teddy which I ended up decluttering as it was too brown for me.

Formula wise it is a great lipstick though. It feels rich and creamy on the lips despite it being a matte. It lasts well throughout the day but may need some touching up after a full meal. When it wears down it tends to fade more so in the center, leaving color on the edges which I don’t love as it makes it difficult to touch up.

Should you buy Rare Beauty Worthy lipstick?

While I rate the Rare Beauty Kind Words lipstick highly in terms of formula, I just don’t love the shade. I can get away with it for sure, but it’s something that requires quite a specific look for it to work and I just don’t need that kind of brain tease in the morning as I am getting ready.

I started the review by saying that I feel I may be a little bit spoilt when it comes to lipsticks. I have many by more luxurious brands that I just like better. Not only formula wise, but also because the shades simply have a much better blend of colors so they work with all different undertones. This just lacks that good blend and therefore isn’t a favorite.

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