EM Cosmetics So Soft blush review

I have tried and liked quite a few EM Cosmetics products. Their Serum liquid blushes and Heaven’s Glow powders in particualr are among some of my ultimate favorites by the brand. So how would I feel about their cream blush formula? Let’s find out in this review.

Spoiler Alert: I didn’t like this product one bit and it ended up in the declutter pil earlier in the year. While I like the product okay enough, after using it a few times there were just too many drawbacks. I decluttered it along with some other products from the So Soft line: the bronzer and lip cushion. So maybe it’s just this particular range that doesn’t gel well with me.

Review: EM Cosmetics So Soft Cream Blush Stick Lychee

Let’s begin with the price point: it’s quite expensive in terms of how much you get. Below you can see the stick pushed up all the way and that is not a lot of product. And it retails for $30. Now I am in the EU and the only way to buy the brand is through their official website, which means shipping is steep and there are added customs fees as well.

What does this product have to offer?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot this product has going for it. I love a cream blush in a stick form and this promises to be ultra blendable. It comes in 9 shades of which this one, Lychee, appealed to me. I love a peach toned blush and so I figured it would be right up my street, but there were just too many downsides to this. One of which ended up being the shade.

What does this blush swatch like?

As you can see there is nothing wrong with the level of pigmentation. The texture is lightweight and indeed very blendable with a hint of glow. It blends out beautifully, is easy to apply and the shade isn’t too warm toned nor too cool toned: a perfect peachy pink that goes with many different looks. This makes for a stunningly natural and beautiful makeup look. What’s not to love right?!

What does this blush look like on the cheeks?

So why didn’t I love this? Well firstly there is the shade: I have too many peach toned blushes as is, even in a cream formula and this was just too similar to things I liked better.

Secondly, I felt this was almost too natural. Yes it’s pretty but I have to build it up quite a bit and then it still looks like I am not wearing anything at all. Sure I love a no makeup makeup look, but this is just a touch too light for it too really do much for my already fair skin tone.

Lastly, the formula just wasn’t there for me. The name So Soft is spot on as this is so soft that it melts the minute you touch it. The result? A creamy mess every time that smudges everywhere with grubby packaging that you can’t keep clean and overapplication as you easily use too much of this and you have nowhere to put it.

Should you buy the EM Cosmetics So Soft blushes?

I still think this is a good product for people who have ultra dry skin. If you have just the least bit of oil you won’t like this. I have no issues with blushes not staying on and fading through the day but this one wasn’t great at staying put all day long.

While the formula feels wonderful on the skin and is easy to blend, the stick format is what sets this back as the packaging gets messy. This would have been better in a tube of some sort that allows you to squeeze it out.

The shade range of this blush is also not that unique and quite standard and there are very few cool tones. I feel the shades in the Serum blushes are far more interesting and worth the money than these are.

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What is your favorite cream blush stick formula?
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