Ranking my cool toned eyeshadow palette collection

My love for all things cool toned eyeshadow is well documented on here. So time to update you on where my cool toned eyeshadow palette collection stands right now. I have 43 palettes in my collection currently that I would categorize as a cool toned neutral palette. Let’s get ranking!

On top of the ranking there is one honorable mention because it is the only one that I haven’t tried yet. Everything else I have reviewed or I used it so I can review it before sitting down to film this video. So in the video you’ll find all the swatches as well so you can see these closeup instantly as well.

Ranking Cool Toned Palettes // All 43 cool toned eyeshadow palettes from worst to best

Mentioned in the video:

What is your favorite cool toned palette?
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