Florasis Luminous Glow highlighter review

Florasis is a Chinese makeup brand who were kind enough to send me a bunch of their new products as PR. So know that I didn’t pay for this with my own money but I also wasn’t asked to write a review after showing the products in my initial haul. So today I am posting my unsponsored review of the two highlighters I received.

So this review is unsponsored but I do have an affiliated link at the bottom where, if you shop through there, I could make a small commission. Don’t feel obliged, but I just want to make sure I am truly transparent.

Florasis Twin-Lotus Relief Luminous Glow Highlighter Quartz Glow & Amber Glow

Florasis as a brand is a little bit higher priced. If I compare prices I would categorize the brand as a high/ end luxury brand. There are a bunch of products in the line, from eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks and all of it is executed with the most beautiful packaging.

What does this product have to offer?

Because that is the one thing that Florasis is know for: the most astounishing pretty packaging available in makeup today. The from the outer packaging to the embossing in the pans: everything is created with the highest attention to detail.

This highlighter is available in two shades: a gold and a coral. It contains a baked formula that feels very creamy to the touch. The glow this gives should be soft yet still impactful. It should be longwearing while blending seamlessly.

How do these highlighters perform?

When I first swatched these (see below), I thought the gold would be more like a highlighter on my skin tone and the coral would be more like a blush. With that expectation in mind I used the products as such in the pictures for this review. However, both make excellent highlighters. Even the coral is sheer enough that I could use it and I found I had to build it up a lot to use it as a blush. If you like that NARS Orgasm look though, you may certainly enjoy this.

What do these highlighters look like in a swatch?

One of the things I appreciate about this product is how lightweight and easy to use it is. The texture feels silky smooth and the formula is very buildable meaning you can create as much intensity as you wish. The product picks up easily with a brush and the embossing stays in tact with the first couple of using. There is no overspray and so the product is truly as high quality as it seems.

What does the product look like on the cheeks?

Here you can see that the products are indeed very pretty once on the cheeks. Both highlighters give off a pretty luminous glow and I love the way they applied. Are they truly unique in my vast collection of highlighters? They are not but if you are looking for a solid pick and you have that same magpie tendency as I do, you may really enjoy these.

Should you buy the Florasis Luminous Glow highlighters?

So I am really enjoying using these Florasis Luminous Glow highlighters. I was surprised at how good these looked, especially the coral. I think the coral one is also my favorite of the two as it can be great for a quick makeup look. With a light hand it’s a great peachy gold highlighter and with some more product it can function as blush or a light wash of color on the lids.

The gold shade is stunning too but the main selling point here is the packaging. From the intricate embossing to the stunning compact: those are the true standout aspects of these highlighters. Do you 100% need these? No but if you are looking to splurge on a good highlighter with great packaging, you are going to love these.

You can buy the Florasis Twin-Lotus Luminous Glow highlighter here *.

What do you think of Florasis?
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